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Why 6 months HIV testing if 3 months conclusive?

In what cases will it take 6 months forHIV antibodies to produce??? Why wait 6 months??

but in what cases do people test negative at 3 months and then test again at 6 and are then positive??? Would someone with a good immune system be more likely to have to wait those 6 months than the 3 months???

Good Question.
It is very rare for someone who has HIV to take 6 months to test positive. The production of the antibodies detected in the test depends on how good the person's immune system is at the time of infection. Someone whose immune system has been damaged by something else (such as treatment for cancer, or antirejection medications taken after organ transplant) prior to HIV infection would not produce antibodies as fast as someone who has a good immune system. Someone with a good immune system would be more likely to test positive within 3 months. The person with the poor immune system may take up to 6 months to test positive.

With the new tests that we use at our clinic, 3 months is the total window period. HIV usually shows up in testing 90% with in the first 30 days, 99.6% by the end of 90 days. A few people take a little longer to seroconvert, but in 10 years I have never seen a case. The biggest risk I see is when a person test negative, they usually see that as a sign that they don't need condoms, this is where I see more infections than any other way, Always use protection with new partners until you both test.

someone's immune system could take the virus that long to start making changes to the cells. you would want to wait 6 months to be tested just to be on the safe side.

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