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How long does it take for HIV to show up on a blood test?

I know the CDC recommends 3 months... is this an accurate timeline? Has anyone heard of it taking longer?

I also agree with the first two posts. A bit more information:
75% of people will test positive by 20 days after exposure
95% of people will test positive by 8 weeks
99% of people will test positive by 12-13 weeks.

I also recommend getting a second test (if you have a specific higher risk possible exposure, or are extremely worried/anxious) at a later date, though unless you are immune compromised already (chemo/radiation, large doses of steroids, or severely malnourished --- and therefore your immune system is unable to work well enough to create antibodies) the test at 13 weeks can be considered accurate.

Hope this helps.

3 months is an accurate timline. As a general rule it is adviseable that you have yourself tested twice, once as soon as you think you've been infected and again 6 months later. It is always recommended that you be tested twice, with the second test performed 3-6 months after the first, regardless of when you have come into contact with the virus.

I agree with "Megan". The CDC determines many of the guidelines used by hospitals and professionals. Don't second-guess them. They are the experts.

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