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How can you tell you have HIV AIDS without getting a test at the doctors?

My friend DC needs to know.

HIV is short for "human immunodeficiency virus." AIDS is caused by HIV. HIV damages a person's immune system which leaves them not being able to fight back any kind of a disease.

HIV spreads through body fluids like semen and blood, when they pass from an infected person to a normal person. This virus is usually spread by sexual contact or by using the same drug needles as an HIV infected person.It can also get transferred from a mother to her baby during breast feeding.

Some of the symptoms of HIV could be that the person losses her appetite, has fever, loses weight, experiences fatigue, faces chronic diarrhea, has a continuous dry cough, sweats at night etc.

People who are suffering from HIV do suffer from infections of the skin, TB(tuberculosis), cancer etc. These infections do lead to the death of an AIDS victim.When HIV reaches a person's brain, then it impairs the speech of that person, results in forgetfulness and trembling.
HIV and AIDS are connected with many physical and expressive problems. There are different signs and symptoms of HIV. Such as
1) Depression
Everybody has had days where they were feeling a little "blue". We all have been "down in the dumps", when these thoughts last longer than a couple weeks you may be afflicting from hopelessness.

2. Weight Loss
Common problem in HIV and AIDS is the loss of weight. Except you are actively trying to lose weight by exercising and studying what you eat, in HIV and AIDs weight loss is a serious trouble.
3) Thrush
If the bad taste and white covering does not gone with a simple brushing then you may have the most common HIV opportunistic problems known as thrush.

4) Lip dystrophy
People contaminated with HIV are living longer and more industrious lives. A large part of the reason is the beginning of drug combinations into typical HIV care. One such trouble is fat reorganization condition or lip dystrophy.
5) Lactic Acidosis
This rising problem can make you sick, unhappy, and can even be deadly.
6) Nausea / Vomiting
Vomiting is not only irritating and can make you feel unwell and pale, when connected with vomiting it can be hazardous and unsafe.
7) Diarrhea
Diarrhea can be a life frightening problem if not treated properly and quickly.

Fever and u will become weak day by day.

Don't waste any time, quickly like now! to consult with your doctor, the sooner you find out the better to cured, before it too late. Best wishes, and God's on Heaven looking after you.
For Tips of The Day,

You have to get tested, there is no way of knowing without being tested.

like bones said no real way of knowing without being tested id sugest going to the doctor and if u have a phobia about it have a famly mamber go with you it might help

It is impossible without getting tested. Either your friend DC doesn't want to go its your friends life that will be at risk. If HIV is not detected early they can get AIDS if your not BEING RESPONSIBLE ABOUT IT. If your friend really wants to live, i hope your friends does what is right. go to a DOCTOR!!!

Good luck with that.

What is it? HIV is the acronym for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, a virus that attacks the body's immune system, leading to full-blown AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). AIDS is devastating because it leaves the body susceptible to life-threatening infections and certain kinds of cancers.
How is it contracted? Through oral, anal, or vaginal sex, and from an HIV-positive mother to her baby. To prevent it, use a condom every time you have sex; find out the sexual history of any new partners, including their HIV status; and don't share needles if you do intravenous drugs. If you're pregnant and are HIV-positive, talk to your doctor about how to prevent passing the virus along to your child.
Incubation Period: Some people develop symptoms shortly after being infected, but for many it takes more than ten years for symptoms to appear.
Symptoms: Most symptoms of AIDS are not caused directly by HIV, but by an infection or other condition brought on by a weakened immune system. These include severe weight loss, fever, headache, night sweats, fatigue, severe diarrhea, shortness of breath, and difficulty swallowing. The symptoms tend to last for weeks or months at a time and do not go away without treatment. In some cases, infections result in death. Testing: A blood test can tell you if you have HIV. Anyone who is sexually active and unsure of the sexual history or HIV status of their partner(s) should be tested every year.
Treatment: So far, there is no cure for AIDS, but some drug regimens that combine medications such as AZT (Retrovir) with ritonavir or norvir are proving effective at strengthening immunity and keeping infections at bay, thereby prolonging the lives of many AIDS sufferers. Combination drug therapy has benefited many people for years, but it is still unclear how long the drugs will remain effective, especially since effectiveness varies significantly from person to person.
The drugs must also be taken in large quantities, usually on a daily basis, and there are many side effects. When drug treatment is stopped, new symptoms can arise, or old ones return. If you're pregnant and HIV-positive, taking AZT throughout the pregnancy and during delivery can reduce the chances that the virus will be transmitted to the baby.

If you are not treated: HIV progresses more rapidly into full-blown AIDS without treatment, usually because of infections that develop as a result of the patient's weakened immune system.

no you need to have a blood work confiming you have hiv except you willing know you sleeping with some one who is hiv

if you dont know, you should always see your docter. even if your scared just think this could be worse then you think! just tell him that you might have it even if your not sure. go for a checkup and he might find out himself

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