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How to know if someone has HIV without having a test?

I mean,of course the best way is to have a check.But does anyone know if is possible to understand through symptoms or phisical appearence and how many years or months,it takes before it causes serious problems?Please no joking on this :))

Seriously,you cant tell without being checked out through blood tests etc.If you are concerned that someone has HIV,stay clear.If you are concerned about yourself,get checked out straight away,dont wait.

No. Plain and simple.

In order to find out if you have HIV, you must be tested.

If you are trying to find out if someone else has HIV, that person would be the one to decide if you need to know. If you don't, then it's none of your business.


a person would have spread to many population if he had HIV. testing is the only alternative.
the symotoms would be late to show up. starting from feeling week or wooping cough(TB).

the only way to know for sure is to get tested. you cant tell by looking at someone whether or not the have HIV. If you could then so many people would not be infected.

You won't know without a test. Can get O.T.C. test at CVS/Walgreens, etc.

From what I have been told, in the early stages
there are no visible signs.
If anyone has any doubts about someone they have been with, only a test will tell.
I watched a programme last week on TV, it
showed children in Africa who were HIV positive
and you would never have known, just looking at those happy smiling faces!
The progress of this disease varies, it depends if you are on medication, and your immune system.
Watching that programme made me realise
just how horribly debilitating HIV is.

you can't tell unless they are in the end stages. My friend hid it from me for 8 years and lied about it. You would never guess he has it. He's now had it for 9 years.

Be safe. Use condoms.

there is no way 2 know. even if someone is an end stage patient and has all of the symptoms it could be that or something else, it's not like being pregnant when u eventually find out because ur in labor

The one & only way would be to go and get tested for it.
I believe that there are places where you can do that and you don't even have to give them your name; or get a test at any drugstore. Great Question !!!
Good Luck !!

No dear, you need to have the test done as soon as possible. If you wait for symptoms to appear, it will be too late to save you.

u cant tell dont slpeep w/ people you dont know and get tested were a condom


No you can't tell who has it and who doesn't. I work in a lab setting and you wouldn't believe the people that walk in with positive results. Some tell you and some don't. STD's are so prevalent now that the men and women that have them are the ones you would never consider. Many of them are in suits and ties.

The person must be tested, not once, but twice to be sure. Symptoms and appearance may mean any form of illness, thus a test must be done to determine what illness and how to treat it.
Also, assuming a person has HIV/Aids may be a very dangerous proposal for that person as well as the person who makes the assumption; a good way to loose friends and start trouble for that person as well as the person who starts the rumour, plus avoiding a defamation of character law suit.

you can not tell all the time unless they are in the death phases. My cousin is gay and they give him immune system boosters you would not even know he had it. use protection!

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