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Which HIV testing center to go? (Philippines)?

Does anyone know of a good testing center, preferably in Quezon city? I'm getting myself tested for the first time, see, and I want to get tested in a good center. I don't know how many dubious clinics we have around the country, so... And by the way, does anyone also know how much is the average cost for an HIV test here? Surely not more than Php1000?

Address: 93 Cambridge St. Cubao 1109 Quezon City, MM

Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm
(Counseling on STI/STD, Pre & Post Testing HIV-AIDS)

To check out the fee, you may want to call first:

Tel. # 637-7179, 637-7183

why not try the counselling and have your self tested at the UP-PGH Medical Center laboratory. we have HIV1/2 laboratory tests to offer.

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