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Why would people knowingly spread STD's?

I don't get it...why do some people keep quiet about their diseases when they could harm others? This sexual partner I had gave me oral herpes (HSV-1) and never told me he had cold sores at all. No visible signs at all. I have never personally had an outbreak, but it was still a slap in the face when my STD test came back negative for everything except HSV-1. Why would people even go as far as trying to spread their HIV infections? I have no idea. I mean if I had an STD, I would tell my partner..why aren't other people responsible?

Anyone who does this has no respect for their body or yours.Just a month ago a woman sued a man for not telling her he had herpes & of course she got it.In the courts she won 7 million dollars because of his neglect.Google it and you'll see.


If more people did this ,IT WOULD STOP HAPPENING.

I think some do it just cause they feel the need to!I think that's a stupid idea but. I think some also do it cause if they have it then if there partner gets it then they wont feel as guilty having sex with there partner knowing they already have it. I think some spread it cause they are horny & need to feel the need to get it done & have sex & don't think about what diseases that they have.

Most STDS are symptom less, so that means they do not know they have an STD until tested. Maybe some do know and choose not to tell their partner because they dont want to scare u off, selfish yeah but that is also ur responsibility to make sure ur partner is 1000% clean. It is not simply their job to tell ya, you should investigate as well. Ask them when their last testing was, what was the results, can he get tested again? It takes two to tango!

hi, well it isnt right that people do this...but some people are scared to tell someone because they feel they may reject them...they feel that people will just look at them as a big disease. the world is cruel and having a std is feel feel noone will want you..and you some times dont believe you have it so you block it out and keep going on with life.. its hard to understand....but thats how it could be...but some times poeple dont know they have it and they spread it with out knowing...and some people are stupid and feel that because they have it everyone else should so that they can feel like they are the same as everyone else and not an outcast or different. you have to take consideration for some people but for others they need jesus...

People are selfish and MEN being egotistical would never say, because you would not want them after finding out. Let's face it, if he had told you, would you have ended up with oral herpes? I think not. Are you with him now? I don't think so! Well, there's your answer!

The plain and simple of it is...some people just don't care. They may think that since they have it and it has or hasn't affected them in a certain way that it's that way for everyone. Also, there are those that have it and don't know it.

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