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How is HIV NOT transmitted after unprotected sex with an infected person?

Ok here's an interesting story,

A girl dates a guy for just about a year,and they break up a week later he gets tested for HIV and it turns out positive she gets tested and it's negative.(they had unprotected sex)
He claims the he got tested before they hooked up and so did she and both where "-".

Now how is it humanly possible for him to have such a contagious disease and not give it too her for almost a year of having unprotected sex and her not to have it?

One theory is cheating and the other is maybe the incubation took 6 months to show up,even though it's rare.

I know it only takes 3 months for it to show up on a test and in rare cases 6 so I find it hard to believe this story something is not making sense. I've know a few people who said the person got the disease like that after only one time.

What do you guys think of this story.

It is very possible because a lot goes into how HIV actually transmits.

just because it takes 3 months to show on a test does not mean it takes 3 months for this person to be infectious. Acute HIV infection happens when HIV successfully gains access to the blood stream and settels in the lymph nodes. This is when most people will get "fly like symptoms" however this is not always the case.

When this is occuring the HIV virus is replicating rapidly, this is a person most infectious period because his viral load is high. Once this process is over people go into a Asympotmiatic stage and the viral load naturally drops.

A high viral load and if she got cut or had any open wounds would of helped HIV transmit itself. The actual chance of transmitting HIV is only .04% per act. While this chance is not very high 70% of all HIV cases are linked back to sexually transmitted.

It is very possible to have sex with a infected male/female and not transmit the disease many times.

How he got it, is another story and is open to speculation.

-I hope this helps


HIV isn't guaranteed just because you had sex with an infected person. Its likely buts its not guaranteed. It all depends on your immune system, how well your body could fight off initial infection, the infected person's viral load, and many more factors. It really is possible to have sex with someone with HIV and not contract it. That does not mean don't use condoms it just means that theoretically it is possible. Although she could have got it during the window period so she would wait till the three month mark and get tested again just to make sure.

The HIV virus must first get into the bloodstream, find a certain type of white blood cell and then must be able to attach to this cell before it can get into the cell and cause infection. It is a documented fact that some people are genetically resistant to infection because the virus can not as easily dock up because the proteins on the cell surface of certain individuals are slightly different. If it can't dock well, it can't get in and infect. This mutation has a fairly high precedence in Caucasian people of European ancestry. There are also document prostitutes in high HIV endemic African areas that are HIV negative despite repeated exposure to the virus.

You have your facts right about how it can take months for HIV to show up, in some cases up to six months. If the guy was tested negative at the beginning of the relationship then he must have been in that "window" time or else he got it while in the relationship by cheating.

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