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What do they test you for when your pregnant and when?

I know you get tested for HIV, but what else?
How soon do doctors test after you get pregnant? Do they do it at the first prenatal visit or later in the pregnancy?

They will test your iron & plasma protein levels, human chorionic gonadotropin (detects risk with chromosome abnormalities), they will also perform an alpha-fetoprotein screening for spina bifida, down syndrome, etc. These two tests are to detect hormones estriol & inhibin which are produced by the placenta. Then theres the optional amniocentesis, its to detect genetic disorders.... The list goes on!

They will draw your blood and test most of these things without you even understanding it all. Tests that are a big deal are the amniocentesis& glucose test. They test you for diabetes at 26-29 weeks. You just drink a sugar formula and then they draw blood.

My girlfriend had to do a glucose test at about 5 months... They had her drink this really sweet stuff to make sure she didnt have gestational diabetes. They also test you around 10 to 12 weeks to see if you have a Negative blood type and if you do you have to go get a Rogahm shot however often your doctor thinks you need it. And they'll ask you if you want to get a test that they do to see if anything will be wrong with the baby. To see if he/she will have any abnormalitys

HIV is optional, but duh of course you would want to, honeslty they test for so much stuff I couldnt list it all, I know they make sure you dont have any stds, and they test for other stuff too. Most is at your first visit, but other stuff cant be tested untill your farther along in your pregnancy

Usually the blood work is done around the time they do a pap smear or at the next visit (well for me it was). They test you to see whether you are immune to rubella, your blood type, whether you are rh postive or negative and STD's such as HIV (if you want), gonorrhea and chlamydia.


First Prenatal Visit. They will Do Urine & Blood Test, They will check for all those things in that blood test

God bless x

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