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Do U ever get the feeling that you are HIV+ and start living LIFE like one even though ur test result is Neg-?

here is my story..for the past 1 year, i live my life thinking i have hiv. this is bcus even after my results came back negative, i still have the symptoms. my hair has been falling out(folliculitis), i get the itchy bumps on my face(ppl mistake it for acne but its prosais) **(so go check urs out if you have it), i am having rapid weight loss, i am now bottom low anemic. joint pain, rash on my forehead etc. i found out that the guy i messed with in the past year had hiv bt the problem is ..after 6 ,7months i tested twice HIV negative(twice). but i still experience the symptoms nd pls its not all in my friends look at me and tell me my skin doesnt look as good as it use to. my parents worry that im loosing weight. i just wanted to know if you ppl like me live with the fear even after a negative result bcus of all d symptoms they experience?

After re-testing 6-7 months later, unless you've continued to have sex without a condom, you don't have HIV since you should have had antibodies at this point (seroconverted)

Stress itself can indeed cause thinning hair or the perception of normal hair loss as excessive hair loss, weight loss and/or tiredness, and change in your well appearance. By all means you should see your doc because there are other things such as low blood count or low thyroid that can also do this, but it is usually highly unlikely, so don't get all upset if your doc doesn't automatically test for it if he did a proper physical exam and history on you.

Oh and use condoms. HIV and Herpes have no cure. HPV warts are very hard to get rid of. Gonorrhea and Chlamydia can have lasting effects if you want to have kids in the future. And there are a lot of idiots sleeping around with no protection passing STDs around.

Well, no. I haven't had that kind of feeling. But, thinking of you, it must be awful. So, this is what I tell you. Do not even consider that you could have HIV . You have been tested twice and told that you don't. But those symptoms that you have cannot be good for you. Go and check them out with your health professional and do not even mention the term HIV. Okay?

All the best.

i have th SAME exact symptoms and just got a dr call today saying still negative. it is scary and sucks, i just had a baby and am scared to die in 10 yrs but it comes bak negative every time. my email in if you have any questions.

Sometimes your mind copes with unrealistic anxieties in weird ways to prepare for the worst.
In your case, you do not have it.
They are 99% effective after 2 weeks.
6 months is plenty of time.
Stop risky sexual practices.

People who obsess over HIV get HIV anxiety..which is a serious condition..congrats on the negatives..but seek professional help for this anxiety...that's what's causing your symptoms.

maybe the problem is stress, and you are almost thinking this illness upon your self? Not trying to undermine your problem but if the tests say no then maybe a bit of positive thinking could be a start.

Hope things can get better

i am HIV+ .I tested HIV- or non-reactive but still was having the same symptoms =flu like. I went back 6 months later & tested REACTIVE to the anti-body test. At first i went harder in my addiction,untill i hit bottom & woke up.I am now 5 yrs clean & teach HIV-AIDs education & awareness at local places of learning here in sudbury ont. for access aids sudbury.testing poz has opened doors for me that i never knew existed.Travel for skills building workshops & facilitating events such as the HIV RESEARCH CAFE AT THE canadian HIV-AIDs research conference in Van 23-26

I don't think i will be to help full but I will tell you that some time in the past i had the idea that i was infected with HIV.
The results war negative when i did test for other hospital reasons after 3 years, but during that time I had hair loss. Which actually started earlier when i try to thing of it and it continues till now. I was also loosing some weight witch it was from stress reason, and the skin problem might be because of the weight loss, skin is suddenly shrinking. But perhaps there might be something else that you should check. Which I advice you to do so...
And do not stress for almost nothing... Until you know that that something is wrong.
Good Luck

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