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Required pre-employment blood test at hospital. hiv detectable in screening'?

ok so here is the deal, no smart *** answers please. i am asking for my friend who is very upset. he got a job in a hospital as a maintenance man.. not working with or around people, mainly in the back. he has HIV and does not want to disclose his status. He is not required to take a blood test to work there and he is worried this is going to show up? He wants his privacy in this and has had a hard time accepting it and now in order to even get the job he has to do a blood test'?!? are they going to automatically check for hiv in this screening or are they not even testing for that at all in this hospital pre employment blood screening? Thank you so much for real compassionate answers! ~ BEN


Testing of hospital employees or as a condition for preemployment for various conditions is not so much a matter of federal or state law as it is a matter of the policy of that hospital board. Obviously they can't require something illegal, but they do have broad powers concerning testing for bloodborne pathogens and/or the presence of illegal drugs.

Will they test for HIV? Probably. If they haven't, that is quite rare. Can he be fired based on his HIV status? No, not legally, but they wouldn't disclose that as a reason.

As part of infection control protocol where I work, we have to have yearly blood work, urinalysis and ppd tests (or chest x-rays in lieu of a ppd if a prior test was positive).

The only way that HIV would show up is if they do an HIV test. No other testing would identify it. Also, he is not required to tell his employer about his condition. However, if he does tell the employer, and is then fired due to his condition, that would be considered discrimination.

HIV positive people are covered by the American's with disabilities act. This means they cannot be discriminated against based on their HIV status. That makes it very unlikely that the hospital would pay to test for HIV given that there isn't anything that they can do legally with that information. They are probably going to test for drugs and or hepatitis as well as tuberculosis - basically anything infectious since it IS a hospital with a lot of vulnerable people.

You said he is NOT required to do the blood test????

Being a hospital they ARE testing for infectious diseases and probably drugs. If he discloses the HIV before the test it would be in his favor. When they do find it and tell him I would bet that they would dismiss him because he didn't tell them, like what else would he try to hide.

Yes more then likely they are checking for any transmissible diseases because he will be working at a hospital. However, it is against the law for them to terminate him because of his HIV. If he knows he would get the job, and has done everything else needed for employment, and all of a sudden after the bloodwork he doesn't get hired, tell him to find a lawyer. Also, he has to by law let the hospital know of this, and by doing so they can't terminate him based on providing false information. But they CAN fire him if he lies about it on the application or during the interview process. Because it is a hospital, he has to let them know, but they cannot hold this against him. If he has all the requirements for the job, as i stated earlier, and after he notifies them of his illness they decide not to hire him, he can sue based on discrimination. He has the right to ask what they are testing for, maybe it is just a simple drug test and he is worrying for nothing. Employers are doing more blood tests then urine tests because of the amount of cleansing products in the market, they can clean your urine for a certain period of time, so you don't pop positive, and the blood tests are more accurate in determining which drug it is, so if it is a prescription you can legally take they can't hold it against you. (Just saying you for reference sake, not suggesting you are posting for yourself at all!) So if he does get denied for employment, tell him to please look into it. I have studied the Americans With Disabilities Act for years due to my own disabilities, and HIV does fall under this law. Hope this helps him some, tell him not to worry, life is what you determine it to be. If you want to be happy you will, if you live negatively, your life will be miserable.

He needs to ask what he is being tested for. I'm not certain but it is my experience that hospitals are testing for immunity to chicken pox and hepatitis B as most hospital employees should be immunized and that needs to be documented. People need to know if they still carry immunity to chicken pox especially if they are HIV positive and hospitals offer, free of charge, the vaccine for hep B to all employees though he should check with his physician about the advisability of getting the shots with his HIV (he has the right to refuse and no one will give him a hard time about it). I suggest your friend ask, as a show of curosity not fear, what the blood test is for. He can also check with local legal authorities in his state such as legal aid, which is free and can be found in the yellow pages, if he has the right to keep his condition from his employers. It is very likely that he does but each state is different. However health insurance is different due to coverage. If the hospital provides his health coverage he has an obligation to reveal his HIV status but that does not necessairly mean that his employers will be told as he is covered by HIPAA which hospitals in particular are very strict about complying with. HIPAA is the federal privacy act that, among other things, prevents people from accessing your medical information without your permission. Also, your friend should know that hospitals often hire people that have trouble finding jobs elsewhere because of medical limitations. I strongly suggest your friend find out what testing is being done first. I doubt he will be tested for HIV but if he is then he should check with legal aid in the state where he will be employed to see what his options are. Much luck to your friend.~ PAT

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