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Does blood work/cholestoral test/cbc test check for HIV, Cancers and other diseases Specifically?

Or Does it just give the Doctor an overall idea how healthy your body is and other tests are needed?

No a CBC does not check for HIV or other diseases... in fact it can come back as normal but yet you could have a big problem such as HIV. The thing is unles you are in the advanced stages of HIV/AIDS or Cancer your blood count will be fine. However, yes, a CBC can come back with an odd result which prompts further testing BUT if you fear you have a specific disease like HIV or any STD or Cancer you should have that test done to get a correct diagnosis. If you need more help go to and go to the HIV section and search for CBC results. Also, people with advanced HIV disease ( AIDS) have normal CBC test results, so don't relyon that test for a diagnosis

Usually with blood work they will check the blood cell count. If that comes back abnormal they will test further.

HIV has a specific test for antibodies. A CBC (complete blood count) checks blood cell numbers, shape, size, etc...

a cbc does not check for cancer, HIV, or cholesterol. Those are all different tests that need to be ordered by the doc.

no,these tests do not show cancer or hiv

CBC is a complete blood count. It only tells you if you are anemic or have an infection. Just counts the components of the blood. Cholesterol just checks cholesterol.

Routine blood work does not test for HIV or cancers. However, it can prompt further testing or pinpoint issues that may be blood related (certain cancers, like leukemias).

The doctor orders tests based on your concerns. Doctors need to tell the labs what to check for. If you have a specific issue, he'll order the relevant tests. CBC usually covers most common issues, but you'll need to request HIV or similar tests if you're concerned.

there are blood tests to check for hiv, cancer is usually confirmed with biopsy , blood work is evaluated to determine the progression of the disease sometimes, like for luekemia. not all diseases can be definately diagnosed with just blood work

results can be abnormal for a number of reasons and all factors should be considered and these results help doctors narrow down the possibilities of what the problem can be and help them determine which tests should be done, unless of course you are uninsured, that's a whole different answer though

Blood tests can tell an awful lot about a persons health including some cancers. (think CA125 for Ovarian Cancer)But the doctor must order the tests specifically. If your doctor orders cholesterols, CBC, etc. then they are basically looking at general information. Labs cannot do any extra tests on your blood specimens, they can only do what is ordered.

Besides, the tests that are ordered tells the lab how many and what tubes of blood to fill when they are taking your blood specimen to be able to do all the tests. If they are doing a simple CBC the tube for that test would not be the same as the tube of blood that would be needed to do your cholesterol.

The only time that there is going to be extra testing done on your blood is when you donate it to the Red Cross, Hospital, Etc. Besides the written screening questions the lab automatically test for HIV, Hep B, Hep C and I think a few other things.

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