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Is it a good idea to get a test for HIV/STD to your husband once he gets back from deployment?

Is it a good idea to get a test for HIV/STD to your husband once he gets back from deployment?

Just for your information, tests for all diseases are performed on a regular basis. However, for your peace of mind, be honest, tell your concerns and ask for the test. If he protests, that could be a signal. Are you ready for the answer?


the fact that it is on your mind tells me yeah.if you think he might cheat on you then you have the right to protect your body

to tell you the truth before you even ask him to get tested you might wanna consider in what state of mind he is in. depending on where he was he might need some bigger help and understanding due to the nature of his deployment and i mean iraq afganistan hot spots. if he was deployed somewhere else like germany, japan korea well then yea sure ask him and if i were you i would demand it. good luck but think before you act

I suppose he could ask you the same thing--didnt you discuss this subject before he left? if I was sent away for 6 months, I would be worried about my wife getting the itch as well, so you would bet we would have established some ground rules. So now he is back and wants to catch up on lost time and you want to meet him at the door with a blood test. Smart, very smart. Its grab a condom time and both of you get to run down to get tested and just watch the love in each others eyes, you untrusting hypocrite. LOL, loved the question.

It's a good idea to get tested every year, regardless.

When they come home thay have to get all kinds of blood test done. just to make sure they have not piced something up. they also get blood test every year to make sure they ok.

I think that is a good question for anybody to ask about.My friends husband is in Korea and he just told her about a month ago that he slept with a bartender there and has been doing it for awhile.She is making him get tested anyway though and will be there next month,to work on her marriage.My other friends husband went to the Phillipines for 3 months and brought her back HIV.Not knowing that he had cheated she got pregnant when he came home,twice,3 years apart.Did not find out until she to give birth to the second child.Her kids do not have HIV but now she has full blown AIDS and her T-cell count is like 7.That's bad .I do know that these soldiers are tested and wil go through a bunch of testing but I'm not sure how long it takes for different things to show up.I also know that they are going to have alot on their minds when they come back,and yes I think that they should have major counseling for it.And yes there are alot of women who cheat while they are gone,but it just depends on how much you trust your spouse.It happens all the time,men come home to find that their wives got lonely and made a new friend.I think that people need to readjust their values and start staying faithful.We should not have to think about our spouses cheating over there.Instead we should pray that every single day they are o.k. and nobody comes to our door to tell us that we are a widow and that their kids are fatherless.The men and women in any country that are deployed should not even have that on their minds and neither should the spouses waiting for them.I hope I didn't offend anyone because I know people get lonely but please find some support in your families and friends to help you.I know that is what helps me.But things happen I understand that and it's hard feeling lonely.Keeps your head up and stay strong.

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