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Do life insurance companies test for hiv when doing the swab test?

Do life insurance companies test for hiv when doing the swab test?

When you're applying for life insurance, you have to declare any illness/diseases.

If you do put down that you're HIV+, they won't accept it. I know because I have looked into getting life insurance and I'm also HIV+.

Some companies do ask for blood tests so I'd be aware of this also.

I don't know about the swab test but I'm sure that's something they look at. They would be stupid not to. The swab test is often just the beginning. Most also draw blood, come to the house to do weight measurements and so on. The want to thoroughly check your health to determine what kind of health your in and thus determine your premiums and whether they should even cover you at all.

if you have the feeling that you've been exposed, then you need to get tested regardless. i don't think companies test for it, but the best test is a blood test.

Yes, all terminal conditions.

There do! but there not allowed to tell you the results,just accept or denied coverages.

The most common reason for doing the swab test is to determine if you are a smoker or non smoker.
Non smokers receive cheaper rates
Many smokers lie and say that they don't smoke, just to get the cheaper rate.

When applying for a life insurance, you will surely be having a thorough medical test from A to Z. I have experienced this. They will test for anything bad with health. This to assure themselves and it can depend on how much you have to pay each year. The more ailments you have the more it would be.
They will also , if there is something wrong to have periodical
tests and also to report to them if something crops up.

If swab test means the Q-tip in your mouth, then they cannot check for hiv. You will need a blood examination for this, to which i, personally, would strongly oppose!!

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