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I got an HIV test on wed, any advice.?

I was recently engaged to my fiance, but it didnt work out. He said he had spent time in prison 2 years before we met and they did an HIV test which came back negative. He also said right before he met me he was only with one other girl, a 36 year old nurse. I know that doesnt matter, but Im not sure if they had unprotected sex or not. I have only been with 1 guy in 6 years. The last time I was with my fiance was in 03/2009.The first time we had unprotected sex was in 01/2009. I got the test done 2 days ago. Any advice.

Advice? Don't wear black and blue together.

An HIV test usually can give results within 1/2 hour.

The new tests simply take a swab inside the mouth, and they can give you the results quickly.

It's unlikely that you have HIV, but it's a very good idea that you got tested, but I would question why they couldn't give you the results while you waited.

id just cool down try and get your mind off the situation... i'm sure your fine... and if something comes back you can live life just about as normally as you do now... in the future tho protect yourself no matter what if you're going to be w/ someone beyond one night and don't wanna use condoms or anything then get a full std check up together then when the results come back clean then get at it... lol good luck =)

Little late for any advice now. Unless you see a piece of paper from your male partners that states they have been tested and they are negative for HIV or any other STD, you need to use protection. Period.

None, and judging by the info you have, your chances of HIV infection are so low that getting tested is a waste of blood and testing equipment.

Don't worry. Be happy :)

just wait it out you will be fine

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