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When you get your blood drawn for a normal physical, do they automatically test for HIV?

Or, if you go in specifically for an STD test along with your physical, do they do a test for this?

Not always it's good to just ask if you really want to know! If it was specifically for STD testing then I'm sure they also tested for HIV but, it's still best to ask for it.

No. That is a specific test.

You have to ask them to test for HIV specifically.

no you must request it however i just heard that Dr's. are going to be making it routine for all there patients soon!

if you go for bloodwork for std then the'll check for hiv. be sure to ask them so you don;t have to get it done again

No, it is illegal because you need to sign a release.

You will only get tested for HIV if you blood test if for STDS. If it's just a normal physical they are probably just checking your iron, cholesterol, ans other things like that.

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