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How accurate is a HIV blood test after 9 week of possible infection?

I had a blood test for hiv 9 week after possible infection. It came back negative, how accurate is this result as i have read that it needs to be at least 12 week for a clear result?

Standard HIV tests are considered accurate at 3 months. A fraction of one percent of people may take up to 6 months to seroconvert (create the antibodies the HIVtests look for).
HIV is active virtually instantly once inside the body.
More than 99.9% of people experience a window period of 3 months or less. 95% - less than 2 months. 75% less than 20 days.

Most authorities consider the window period to be 3 months.
Also the gentlman's reply that the tests are only 50% accurate is dead wrong. Of course, nothing is 100% accurate but I believe the rates are as followed:

"A large study of HIV testing in 752 U.S. laboratories reported a sensitivity of 99.7% and specificity of 98.5% for enzyme immunoassay, and studies in U.S. blood donors reported specificities of 99.8% and greater than 99.99%. With confirmatory Western blot, the chance of a false-positive identification in a low-prevalence setting is about 1 in 250 000"

"Other studies have confirmed the accuracy of current methods of HIV testing in the United States, reporting false-positive rates of 0.0004% to 0.0007% and false-negative rates of 0.003% in the general population."

Good Luck!!

i read a documentary that hiv test are only 50% correct

It may take several months for HIV to reach detectable levels, but it may already be detectable. Go ahead and have to test now, and again after several months.

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