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Are doctors supposed to call you if.....?

you test positive for HIV....i had an HIV test about 6-7 months ago and i havn't heard from the clinic. I called in to ask about it and the girl i spoke to told me the results came back negative. so I am wondering, are clinics obligated to call somebody who tested + for HIV?

and also how long does it usually take for the tests to come back

if you test positive, they will call you, if its negative, then they dont call you or they tell you to call them like a week after you take the test or whatever..

Different places have different requirements and procedures for giving results. When you get tested, the site should tell you how and when you can expect to receive your results. Some places may call you, some may send a letter, and some may require that you come in for results, regardless of whether the results are positive or negative. Some places do not call if the result is negative. I do not like that procedure. Results need to be given, even if they are negative.

I do HIV and testing, and must give clients their results in person, whether they are positive or negative. When I test a client, they get an ID number and make an appt to come back in 2 weeks for results. (We send the tests to the state lab, and they mail us the results.)
At some testing sites, it may only take 1 week to get results back.

Giving HIV test results in person is very important because it protects your privacy. Anyone could call, use your name, and get your results. Also, it is not a good idea to tell someone by phone that they are HIV+. By telling them in person, you can help them deal with the news, and help connect them with treatment resources and other support that they need.

Yes, clinics are obligated to call you if you test positive.

They are not obligated to call you if you test negative.

They are only obligated to call you if you test positive for HIV.

After getting my blood drawn for HIV testing, I had to wait a week. Man, what a long week that was.

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