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Do they test for HIV when a woman becomes pregnant?

Is it the law? I ask because my pregnant friend needs to get up early tomorrow to get a blood test & wanted me to come with her so I'm assuming that's what it's for. I'm sorry this is a stupid question, but I seriously don't know lol. Thanks guys!

This isnt a stupid question.
Depending on the state, but you usually have to sign a consent to release before they test you and your baby.
I am 15 weeks pregnant and I have had my blood drawn about 4 times so far... it doesn't necessarily mean they are testing for HIV.

They may run a test for it but the test is basically for checking for levels of several vitimins,hormones and other health indicators to determine if she may be short of necessary nutrition or chemicals the fetus needs to grow properly.

It depends on the Indiana, yes, they test for STDs including HIV...but they also do regular blood panels to check iron levels, sugar levels, hormone levels, and for signs of infection so it could also be for that. Good luck

Well, they give you a paper asking you if you want to test for HIV.. only you can decide if youw ant to test for HIV or not, depending upon your life.

the blood test could be for other general stuff just to know about her health

I am in Canada, and they weren't going to test me for it, I asked to get checked for everything so they did..But maybe other dr offices do it differently.

They test for everything. HIV, anti-bodies, to see what your blood type is, other diseases. and i dont know what else. Have your friend ask what all they check for when they take her blood.

No they don't unless you ask for the test. Even if they do automatically test the results won't be available until she can speak to someone face to face.

Yes the test for HIV two times during your pregnancy once in the begining and once towards the end.

Yes they do and New york state just started testing people who the doctors think are high risk twice during pregnancy, but since my doctor won't pick and choose she makes all of her patients do it twice.

they do text for hiv plus much more!!!!

they tested me for it without my knowledge it was in the lab results they read to me.

yes they do it to make sure the baby is not going to be at risk.

It depends on your Doc. My Doc. left it up to me to decide.

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