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When you go to jail do they test you for HIV/STDS periodically?

i heard from several people that when you are in jail you get tested for HIV/STDS and drugs pretty frequently. is this true?what is the exposure to these diseases like in jail?

They do test you when you are first incarcerated after that I don't know. I was a nurse in a hospital that serviced a prison and most of the prisoners we got were HIV+

not unless they have symptoms

nope, they only test you if your showing symptoms, other wise they want to spend as little money on you as possable.

it depends on the management... but most of the time prisoners have their check up at least 3-4 times a year....

i'm still young
dono bout these

It all depends on the state you are encraserated. in most states they test in the begining and at the end of the time served.

no way, when you're locked up noone cares

I would thank so

In Australia they dont test for HIV/STDS but they do a 'Piss' test at random if positive you are put on a charge.
Drugs are everwear in Goal,easyer to get than on the outside,the 'screws ' bring them in all for a price

Depends on weither or not you are sexually active in jail.......willing or unwilling. If someone has HIV/STDS and they are in jail for a long time for a crime..........forget it this is just too stupid of a question to answer. Im sure Bubba will bring you flowers and supply the condom when he sneaks into your cell to butt rape you

Not sure about jail, but in prision you have to request it and pay for the test.

In any lock down facility there are going to diseases. I know that right now in the Montgomery County Jail in Conroe Texas there is bad staff infection going around and they could care less. Staff infection is very easy to get and it spreads fast.

U are tested for these diseases. Exposure is as good as outside environment.. nothing special or increased..

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