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Do they test plasma for HIV?

Hello, I'm just curious, if you donate plasma, will they test it for HIV and alert you if you are positive?

Oh and basically for anyone curious, I've had two partners, and one was first time for both, so really one partner.

I went to donate plasma, donated once, and that was it, they kept wanting me to come donate again but I decided against it. I've heard some stories of machines not being clean etc...but yea, I was just curious, I was thinking about HIV recently, and even though I am in a very low risk catigory, I figured that if I had it they would have told me when I donated plasma, which was a 8 months after last time having sex.

Yes, they will. However, you should NEVER, **EVER** donate blood or plasma to find out about your HIV status. The tests are very good, but they aren't 100% and there's a chance it could be given to someone and infect them if it were to be missed.


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