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Has anybody ever gotten an positive HIV test then a negative?

well this happend to me twice i got two positives and two negatives after the western blood test.thats the test they do when you test thinking of get one done but afraid this will happen again.i just ended an 8 year relationship and i wanna make sure everything is that i can keep taking care of myself.can anybody tell me why this happens?

If you gave the positives to the ELISA test, and then you came out negative in the Western Blot tests, your HIV status is negative. The Western Blot test is used to rule out false positives; it seems to me that this was your case {that you gave false positive to the ELISA test}. Just to be on the safe side, get tested at 3-month intervals for the next year. If the Western Blot keeps coming back negative, there's nothing to worry about.

what clinics and health care providers do is draw blood to test for HIV antibodies, well HIV antibodies aren't really antibodies specifically engineered for HIV. these so called HIV antibodies can come out and fight even when HIV IS NOT present, these antibodies can fight off other diseases, or conditions not related to HIV at all, such as tuberculosis, that's a popular one, hope this helps, and good luck.

I can't tell you why it happens but I have heard of it happening. I remember in high school my best friend gave blood then later got a letter in the mail saying they couldn't use her blood because it was HIV+ then she went to the doctor got checked again and it was - so i dont know

I was told by a doc. one time that if you got HIV you will never test negative if you have it

I read an article online after I was diagnosed about a man who lived 25 years thinking he had HIV , it was a negative.

I would suggest getting the test again though because there is help out there .

Good Luck

HIV tests are HIGHLY unreliable. Any one of 30 or more health conditions can and often returns FALSE positive results. Pregnancy is one condition that can return a positive result. The medical people always tell us that these tests are 99.9% aaccurate, however, how is it possible to be this accurate when it can react with so many health conditions. Did you know that the criteria that determines you positive in the USA is different than that from Canada and Australia so what I'm trying to tell you is that if you tested POS in the USA you wouldn't be deemed POS in Australia, in fact Australia is one of the hardest places in the world to test HIV POS, that's the reason why it has one of the lowest stats for HIV .

Remember, if your gut instinct tells you that there's something not quite right about all of what you have just been through, than it probably isn't. Good luck

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