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Does a "non reactive" hiv test result mean that hiv antibodies were detected in my bloodstream?

I recently had lab work done and when I was looking over my hiv results, it said "non reactive" and not "negative". My doctor said all my results were negative but does this mean I have HIV antibodies in my blood?

***There was no metion of the Western Blood Clot test. I'm assuming it was just the ELISA

No. Non reactive means that no antibodies were detected.

No, Sometimes the 1st tests they do give a false-positive result. They would test it again and if it came up positive again, then they would do a Western Blot test--Is that on your records? If all 3 came up positive you're positive, if ANY came up negativie--your negative. They give false-positive results sometimes but not false-negative...

if elisa is nonreactive no blot needs to be done, its negative.

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