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Negative HIV test results after 6 weeks. How accurate is this?

I am 19 years old. I am a hypochondriac and I suffer from a phobia if HIV. I am a virgin, waiting for marriage. I do NOT use IV drugs and my parents are completely healthy.

about 6.5 weeks ago, I kissed this guy whom I do not know. It was a 2 second kiss and from my knowledge, he was NOT bleeding and I didn't taste any blood which meant that I wasn't bleeding AND he wasn't either. I am scared tho because what if I got HIV from him and he was bleeding but I didn't know about it?

I took an HIV test on this past Monday which was about 6 weeks and 4 days after the kiss and they came back negative.

But now, I have a raw spot on the roof of my mouth...maybe from brushing too hard or from hot food but now, that area is white.

Also, I had a sore on the side of my mouth that is ALWAYS there because I eat too much salt. It is now starting to heal. Do I have HIV and the antibodies being produced are helping to heal the sore.

And is the white spot from HIV?

How accurate r my results

Seeing that you never had HIV in the first place (I have seen your questions a few times), your test results are accurate. 75% of people who are infected with HIV will make antibodies by 17-20 days after becoming infected.
95% will do so in two months.
99% will at three months.

You are fine. I have sores like that too when I eat too many potato chips, carrots, apples and the like. It's due to sodium and the acidic in fruits and vegetables. If you are concerned, I would see about taking perhaps a test for HSV-1, which is oral herpes. I'm not saying you have it, but you can get it from kissing someone with coldsores and the like.
Also, I think you need to seek help with your HIV phobia. There is nothing to be ashamed of but you aren't letting this go and perhaps you need to work on the pyschological now instead of the physical seeing you are HIV negative.

You're fine. You can rinse with hydrogen peroxide and water mixed 50/50 to disinfect the raw spot in your mouth. Other than that're fine.

you better move to a convent and put yourself in permanent isolation if you're going to freak out like that over a 2 second kiss.

I think it鈥檚 just ok. Studies have shown that HIV is not transmitted through casual contact such as touching or sharing towels, bedding, utensils, telephones, swimming pools, or toilet seats. Scientists have also found no evidence of transmission through kissing, sweat, tears, urine or feces. I just asked an expert in where I often consult in. He said each symptom can be related to other illnesses; similarly, other symptoms or the absence of symptoms cannot assure that someone is HIV negative.

i used to be just like you when i was like 14, don't worry even if he did have a little cut or something on his lip, you still wouldn't get it because you must be exposed to a certain amount...there's a little bit of hypochondria in all of us...hope i helped

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