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How long does swollen lymph node usually last?

I had two swollen lymph nodes when I did a HIV antibody blood test. After a week another two lymph nodes began to swell. The next week, the test came back negative and I was very relieved. The thing that I'm worrying now is it normal to have like more than four lymph nodes in the left side of your neck and one behind your ear without having any fever nor sore throat? I'm not having night sweats whatsoever. When my lymph node is beginning to swell, it became tender but after a few days or so, it becomes painless. Is it normal? I told me doctor that and he told me to come back a month later to see if it has reduce in size but I'm very worried. Anyone care to clarify? Thanks in advance :)

swollen lymph nodes usually mean the body is fighting some sort of infection. It means you either are sick, or are about to get sick.

If your doctor is keeping an eye on it, I wouldn't let it worry you. Unless it becomes painful, just relax and let your body do it's job.

You're lymph nodes swell when your body is fighting an infection.

You need to go to a dermatologist ASAP. This might be a sign of cancer.

a few days after antibiotics they will go down

depends on how sick you are, and how long your sick, there is no approximate time

If you dont know if your sick or not, then you should go consult a doctor and get examined to see if its just some sickness that has had any physical signs yet or what

The size is nothing to worry about and it will go away soon if you use the right medicatiion. I hope this works.

The swelling will last as long as your body is fighting an infection. When the swelling goes down, that's a sign of getting better.

i have a problem like that i have one on my neck
one day it would be sore and swollen.
the next day it might be back 2 normal.
i went 2 c the doctor he gave me a cream 4 it.
it help me alot i still have a small one but it does not hurt or swell any more.
ask your doctor for a cream that will reduse swelling.

Well, first tell me why u did HIV test? Were u being nasty lately?
Lymph nodes or Lymphatic system is one of the primary defense systems in the immunity to diseases.
Long chronic illness and viral illnesses are more common cause of Lymph node swelling and tenderness etc.
A lymph node swelling in the cervical region (neck) should not be taken lightly and I would suggest following investigations and a visit to a physician:
CBC, ESR, Chest X- ray at least.
Some viral illnesses are self limiting and need not be treated and all symptoms associated with them including lymph node swelling will subside as the diseases resolves.
There are lot of other factors that need to be considered, and a physical examination by physician will eliminate the various other causes and help in diagnosis of this.
All the Best

you dont nesserally have night sweats with swollen lymp nodes you do need to go to another doctor and tell them the story and let them do some tests and see really whats going on without the proper tests a person just cant guess its to serious..

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