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Can an elevated white blood cell count be related to in any way shape or form to hiv?

had tests done, results elevated white blood cell count...along with blood in urine.

If you have had unprotected sex, you could have a sexually transmitted disease.
It could also be due to many other medical problems.
Have a serious talk with the doctor who ordered your blood test and find out for sure what's going on with you.
Good luck. Chances are, it will be something that is treatable.

Causes of a high white blood cell count include:

* Infection
* Use of certain medications, such as corticosteroids, antibiotics or anti-seizure drugs
* Severe physical or emotional stress
* Chronic bone marrow diseases such as a myeloproliferative disorder
* Acute or chronic leukemia
* Tissue damage, such as from burns

HIV, I believe, causes a DROP in white blood cells.

Oh my, I wish I knew. I hope things are okay with you.

um no white blood cells prtect the body therefore being unable to turn in to a disese

most definitely can.
high white blood cell can and usually is a sign of an abnormality in the body,......such as hiv ..or cancer or a few other things.

Not to my knowledge. Elevated white blood cells means you have an infection, and along with the blood in the urine I would imagine it's in your urinary tract.

when the body is fighting off a disease white blood cell counts go up. blood in urine tells you to go to a doctor ASAP

probably not. you probably have another type of infection though. didn't the doc tell you anything? you need to ask him. don't be afraid to ask docs lots of questions.

Urinary tract infection

I think so, but I'm no doctor and I haven't studied HIV and it's sympton, sorry.. Sound like you have a urinary tract infection of some sort though. That would account for a higher white cell count, your body is fighting off the infection and the blood in the urine.

It seems highly unlikely, since HIV generally causes a DROP in white blood cell counts. A rise in them seems to indicate an infection, and blood in the urine suggests it is probably a urinary tract infection. Since the doctor has taken these tests, he will probably investigate the source of this and give you some antibiotics if it is appropriate.

A more important question is, why are you worried it is HIV? Do you have any reason to suspect you might be HIV positive? If so, why don't you have an HIV test? Having a test is not a big deal at all, and it will set your mind at rest. Many STI clinics offer walk in anonymous appointments which will give you the results in 15 minutes. I was tested for HIV earlier this year (I had massively swollen glands for ages that didn't go down) and it really wasn't this big scary deal everyone imagines it to be.

Yes early on the infection can be marked by an increase in antibodies, however any other kind of sickness is also marked by an increase in antibodies, also allergies cause that. There are many other things, too. But I've never heard of blood in urine being related to HIV so I think you probably got something else.

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