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HIV transmission probabilities?

Keeping in mind you're straight, and If you have unprotected sexual intercourses with a female who's HIV positive, are the chances of getting it yourself at 100%?

Sorry for my ignorance

here are some population level statistics-
male to female (unprotected)-1/1000
female to male (unprotected)-1/8000

Given the rarity of HIV outside of risk groups, the probability that one will contract HIV from a random unprotected heterosexual encounter (with someone outside risk groups) is as follows. From male to female 1/5 million from female to male 1/40 million.
Now do you see why there is no epidemic of AIDS in the general population of any developed country?

The chance of contracting HIV from a single episode of vaginal sex is estimated around 1 in 1000, IF your partner is infected.

But remember, HIV is not a game of possibilities and probabilities. If you had unprotected sex (single episode), you were at risk but the risk is very slim. You need to get tested for the peace of mind, although I believe your test will be negative.

I suggest you do not continue this habit of unprotected sex. If you continue, your number will come one day. Always use condoms.

No, not necessarily. Males do not have as good a chance of females as becoming infected with the virus. Females have a 500X greater chance of contracting the virus from a man than males from a female due to the differences in anatomy. But, anything can happen and if you become infected then what do the chances mean? Nothing. For you, it's still 100%. And, there are always other things that can make the probability greater, like health and if you have another disease (like chlamydia or gonnorhea) at the time you come in contact with the virus. As far as hard data on actual statistics, though, I don't recall that there is any general data for all populations. It tends to be pretty specific (i.e. probability of Ugandan males contracting the virus from female partners).

It would totally depend on the person's viral load, and exposure time. The male would be at a lower risk, but is not totally free of risk.

yes. 100% It is trasmited both by blood but also body fluids.....

Do not know for sure but after several encounters the probability is there,get tested.

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