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If you were born with HIV, what would be your lifespan? (someone who really knows about thsi answer please!)?

hypothetically, what would be the life span of a baby born with HIV that got it from the mother during childbirth? What if they didn't recieve treatment?/ What would be the extremes, as in whats the longest or shortest, etc.

Please let me know!


Born with HIV without treatment 2-3 years, their immune system is so fragile and is not strong enough to survive.

Okay first of all, yes you can have HIV when you are born. I am not sure how much difference there is between babies born with HIV, or someone becoming positive later in life, but the latest drugs have made lifespan outlook very good. If treated, then best case scenario of the average (note "average", some longer/shorter) life expectancy is into their 70's, typically about 10 years shorter than someone who is negative.

Really, though, it depends on the individual. It is really hard to say longest/shortest because everybody responds differently. Some people do fantastic with treatment, while others not so well. Same with not getting treatment, although studies are starting to show, that its better to start treatment right away. The risks to that are the possible long term side effects. It also depends on what type of HIV they have. There are different strains that react better/worse to various treatments.

Doctors will test the blood against the different drugs to help figure out what treatments will work the best. Which ever is decided, treatment or not treatment, the most important thing is to keep the regular check ups with a doctor so he/she can monitor the T-Cell count and Virus load count.

I learned that you can't get hiv when your born. If it were true then i think you can still save the baby before confirms having the disease

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