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What are the effects of H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) on the HIV virus?

I've heard that some underground doctors are using this method to treat patients with HIV. How do they perform this procedure? I know you can't just chug a bottle of hydrogen peroxide but it has been said that all of us have a certain amount of hydrogen peroxide in our bodies. And rumor has it that this treatment is very effective. Anyone know how they do it? I'm not HIV positive I am just curious.

Please don't but anything they're selling. They are misrepresenting a study done in HIV+ women and the presence of peroxide-producing bacteria in their vaginas. The theory is women susceptible to contracting HIV from vaginal intercourse have less peroxide-producing bacteria. They looked at women who were HIV+ and found very low amounts of this bacteria called lactobacillus. HIV is naturally fragile(labile) and exposure to H2O2(peroxide) will kill the virus. So a female who has vaginal sex with low bacteria counts is not protected by the acidic environment normally produced by the bacteria.

no i have no clue but some that is going to down a whole body need's some help. that is not good for you. that can kill you. but if they have HIV they probably don't care cause they are going to die so they look at it what do they have to lose.

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