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Is Magic Johnson still living with HIV/AIDS?

i know that he announced that he was officially living with HIV/AIDS as of 1991, but its been at least 18 years and theres no cure.
i find that pretty hard to believe.

i know that people say theres no cure.
but i dont agree. ever since the small pox delema they found a cure for that and for almost every desese that is out there they've also found a cure, but you're telling me that in 50 or so years theres still no cure?
and with all the doctors we have in this world at least one of them has to of found it, and who knows maybe they have and the goverment is hiding it.
so to me its all about money they only are giving to cure out to the people WHO actually have the $$$money$$$, and thats pretty much what its all about in the end MONEY!
but i just think thats its a little shady for the goverment to hold out on us, that is is they do have the cure.
they'd make a lot more money if they just let others use the vaccine.
because there are so many people living with HIV/AIDS.

i dont think he has HIV anymore, he obviously paid his way through it.
hes been healthy for almost 18 years and the life span is atleast 7-10 years.
i dont know,
help me out and tell he what you guys think.

There are plenty of people living with HIV who may never develop AIDS. That number of folk include regular ordinary folk and celebrities. Everyone's immune system is different.

You sound like you stepped right out of 1985! AIDS in now TREATABLE but not curable. People who are diagnosed with an HIV infection can live the rest of their life without ever developing AIDS. He is not cured and he still advocates for people with HIV/AIDS. The life expectancy is much longer than ten years now. I think I read somewhere that patients live (on average) 20 years less than uninfected people. That is because not all HIV/AIDS patients are as proactive in their treatment and their health. When people who have HIV don't take their meds and don't take care of themselves the disease will progress to AIDS. If these same patients still do not address their HIV infection the result is usually a quick death.

I think you're an idiot.

You've already pointed out in your own post the one reason why what you've said can't possibly be true - because if there was a "cure", whoever developed it would make far more money selling it to the world, not to mention fame, prestige, a Nobel Prize, and so on, than they would "covering it up" and only selling it to celebrities from the 1980s.

Why don't you think through what you've written - "with all the doctors we have in this world at least one of them has to of found it". Does the above make sense? Of course not - that's obviously not how research works.

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