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Should we thank God before we eat?

And just ignore the cook, the grocers, the butchers, bakers, transporters, farmers, economists, the people that invented the machines that enable us to get so much food so quickly, our parents for giving birth to us so we would be there to eat the food, our boss, our co-workers because without them our job would be out of business and we'd have no money, our teachers, our friends, our fellow students, all of the nice people driving on the road who didn't run into you and kill you, the politicians, the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, the British, the Japanese, Steve Irwin, whoever invented paperclips and whoever invented staples, the people who invented the polio vaccine, HIV for not catching you back in 1981 when you had that blood transfusion,....

You're right...I forgot about thanking Bill Middlebrook.

When we thank G-d for things---all things are included.

I thank God before I eat and ask His blessing on the food. I thank God for the other things during regular prayer time.

There is no god.

And when you get better, I hope you know God is the one
that did it!

Actually after we eat. It is nice to say thanks to everyone but that is your choice, however it is most appropriate to give thanks to the one who "supplied" all the others as well. But again it is your choice.

As a side FYI pray is more for us then G-d.

Uh, what does the second half have to do with eating? From "our boss" on has nothing to do with food. Especially paperclips.

Thank God and don't forget the other stuff... not a 'yes' or 'no' question... but good try!

Absolutely. Without GOD, none of those people would exist and HE spoke this world into existance. You are having enough trouble just keeping the people straight. Have a great week.

You can thank them too. But then your food would get cold.

You should thank God only if you believe He provided the food. I personally add in my prayers thanks and blessing for the hands that prepared the meal. Because if the cooks, grocers, butchers, bakers, transporters, weren't blessed and watched what they were doing, then I'd be suffering from food poisoning right now.

in ALL things give thanks..... even you my friend you should give thanks you are still alive and that its not to late for you....

How about including this in your prayer. Dear God I thank you for the food before me and for all those who made it possible for me to have it.

The Bible is very clear when it stated that we should thank God for all thing as often as we can.............................

OK, you want to joke about those things, but they are serious. If you are serious about your question, it wouldn't hurt to read some theology (about first and second causes). Rest assured: I pray for everyone involved in the fact I am able to eat each particular meal, as well as for those less fortunate who happen not to have anything to eat at that moment...

Yes, we could thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster before we eat pasta. It does not realy make sense since we worship Him when we cook and eat pasta.

Ramen !

But which one?
God of Bakers <I think he's called 'Wonder'>
God of Butchers <I'm pretty sure that one is 'Oscar'>
God of Cooks <Emiril?>
God of Transporters <'Peterbuilt', the Apostle?>
God of Farmers <Children of the Corn?>
God of Machines <John Deere>

So many deities.... so little time before my food gets cold.....

We Muslims, before we eat, we say


Which means

In the name of Allaah, the Entirely Mericful, the Especially Merciful.

And if you don't say that, the devil eats with you, and there is no blessings in your food.

After we have aten, we say


Which means

Praise be to Allaah.

So that's thanking him.

We Muslims thank God for everything, and have short invocations for each action.

At the end of the day, God is the one that created everything, and it was his Will that we recieved the food to eat.

If you need more information, contact me.

I have thanked God for all these things more than a few times.

You can also do it after you eat or during your eating or even a day before you eat; God is quite flexible about these things.

But without God we could not have done any of those things. Without God there would be no food for cooks to cook or grocers to cell. There would be no animals for the butcher to hack up. There would be no supplies for the baker and there would be no fuel for the transporters and nothing to transport. Without God my boss would have nothing to do and the same with my co-workers. Without God none of what you mentioned above would even be possible.

Well then thank EVERYONE as well as GOD!

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