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Will there ever be cures for HIV, herpes and HPV? Are viruses actually curable?

Will there ever be cures for HIV, herpes and HPV? Are viruses actually curable?

yes, read up on kp-1461 for hiv eradication about to be in phase 3 trials this year, and if ya need more look up the man made enzyme tre just search it, may not be the immediate cure, but i guarantee we are that far from conquering these nasty diseases, hiv/ herpes days are numbers, and no that is ludacris to say the government is covering up a cure, yes the time is coming do i know when know but my best guys would give it about 5-15 more years

There will at some point be cures and may already be cures... who knows? A man wrote a book about the cures for diseases they (the government) don't want you to know about. I'm not sure about the credibility. Many people think that the reason cures aren't available for people is because, if there were cures, the viruses would be wiped out (like the small pox virus was after the vaccine) and medicine companies & the government won't benefit from the medicines they're using.

Although there aren't "cures" to these viruses, there are treatments. HPV has vaccines that prevent about 70% of all the types of viruses. There are herpes medications that will completely stop your outbreak and help prevent other outbreaks. Herpes isn't that serious, but it's a big deal because a lot of people have it and it's highly contageous. HIV is a virus that breaks down your immune system and while there have been medicine over the last couple decades that have helped people to live longer, it still can/will eventually break down the immune system so the body can't fight off infections.

Viruses don't have cures. Even the common cold or the flu, there's no cure, there are just treatments to help the body fight it off. Unfortunately, there are some viruses that stay with the body forever. If herpes, HIV, or HPV were caused by bacteria it would be easier to cure because there would be antibiotics to cure it.

Never. The government is making money off of these poor sick people. I feel for the ones who got it because of a unfaithful spouse/partner or rape. Very terrible.

I am sure if the president contracted this virus, he would have the secret agency providing him a cure. A damn shame.

The HPV vaccine covers up to 70% of all known strains.. mostly the ones that cause cervical cancer so YAY.

The reason they have such trouble developing a vaccine for AIDs and herpes is that the virus strains keep mutating like the flu.

For now there is no cure for any of these diseases.
So far I know there is vaccine to HPV, only for 6 tipes.
I hope science can find some how to vanish it from our bodies one day.

Good Lucky to you!


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