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Does/would hydrogen peroxide kill HIV/AIDS virus, hepatitis, and other blood borne pathogens?

Oh and I meant to add...outside of the body, not within the body because I realize that no cure exists.

If you got blood or body fluids on a counter top and wiped it up completely with an absorbant towel, then flooded it with hydrogen peroxide, it could kill many but not all blood borne pathogens. It the blood or fluids were in bedding or towels, hydrogen peroxide would almost surely not be effective. The concentration of peroxide would be far too dilute to be effective and it would be neutralized by the organic and fluids and other materials in the cloth. Also, hot water would probably cause the peroxide to break down and be useless. Use bleach but even when using bleach, clean it up first, so the bleach remains undiluted by organic matter. Wear waterproof gloves if possible but if not, be certain to avoid cuts and wash very carefully as soon as possible after disinfecting.

No, not hydrogen peroxide, but BLEACH will. Outside the body, bleach for 2 minutes to inactivate the viruses.

NO! You are not suppose to get any bodily fluids from aids ,hep, or other blood pathogens. do not use razors or tooth brushes. Get it?

As far as I know it does not.

i don't think so.

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