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Better antibacterial - chlorine bleach or alcohol?

To the chemists, bacteriologist etc. which is more effective at killing bacteria - chlorine bleach or alcohol?

Can bleach kill the HIV virus? How long does it take to kill the virus in bleach and how long with alcohol.

You see, I am moving flats and I want to clean all the surfaces, tables, chairs and I want it to be germ free from the previous home owners I mean germ free that a baby can be on the surface environment.

Bleach. You can mix it half and half with water and you'll be safe. I'd leave it for a minute or so.
And yes, it does kill the HIV/AIDS virus.

As one post mentioned, Alcohol does only dissolve the fatty capsule around bacteria (which means that it makes it easier to wipe off) Alcohol is nice to sanitize with but note alcohol has a low boiling point, so the practicality of using alcohol to sanitize your house is not really that effective (as it will evaporate very quickly), using alcohol on more delicate things like electronics. Bleach is also very effective at killing bacteria and viruses also. Both can kill the HIV virus but for more practical uses, I would use bleach for cleaning with.

Make sure you test each your house for colorfastness as bleach sometime can give off a very yellow fade over time.

bleach will kill any organism it comes in contact with, including HIV, but then, outside the body almost anything will kill HIV, people don't bathe in bleach or use it on their bodies, as one other poster suggested in here, (the moron) because it is toxic, so if you want to use bleach to sanitize, make sure it is a dilution of one part bleach to six parts water, and wear gloves and ventilate well while you are using it. Alcohol, doesn't really kill germs, it just denatures them so they cannot stick to anything and can be wiped away. Staph can be grown in alcohol cultures.
A mild bleach solution will sanitize any surface, the more fragile the surface the greater the dilution should be. But do protect yourself with gloves, and with good ventilation while using it. And do not ever mix bleach with any product as it reacts with some chemicals to create poisonous vapors.

"mylo" is wrong. Alcohol is not a sterilizer it is a sanitizer.
"the_only" is wrong about alcohol too.
"slave to gwar" is wrong about bleach and the hiv virus as well.

Use bleach on appropriate surfaces and to sanitize water for drinking.

Lye is also very good at decontaminating surfaces. The best source of lye is Tide laundry powder. The army suggests using lye to decontaminate clothing and other surfaces. Just make sure you completely remove all residue if you decide to use lye.

It all depends on what you are cleaning. You gotta consider what you are going to put the chemical on so it doesnt damage it. For some furniture use the (plastics, glass)there are plenty of cleaning/disinfecting products you can use. The chlorine bleach is more effective in wter treatment. If you want to clean electronics use the alcohol slightly diluted, but use only in the outside, never inside, you'll damage the circut breaker.
And no bleach cannot kill the HIV virus. if that were true dont you think people would be bathing in that stuff right now?

onthe body alcohol outside the body use bleach use a brand name one

well bleach is a great thing to use..Alcohol does make things sterile. Bleach would be safer to use in your home.

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