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Does Clorox kill all types of bacteria?

I know that on their bottle it says that it kills 99.9% of common "household bacteria". and on their website they have a list of bacteria that clorox can kill (including viruses like hiv).

Is there any bacteria that can survive the effects of clorox? There are like millions of different types of bacteria out there so one of them have to be resistant to clorox (I would think)..

Since all types of bacteria have either not been discovered, or not been tested against clorox, they cannot guarantee that it will kill 100% of all bacteria.

Q: What will Clorox Commercial Solutions庐 Clorox庐 Disinfecting Wipes kill?
A: When used as directed, Clorox Commercial Solutions庐 Clorox庐 Disinfecting Wipes will kill viruses and bacteria. However, it will not kill fungi.

Q: Why are Clorox Commercial Solutions庐 Clorox庐 Disinfecting Wipes better to use than paper towels, sponges and dishrags?
A: Clorox Commercial Solutions庐 Clorox庐 Disinfecting Wipes clean and disinfect at the same time. When you use a sponge, dishrag or even paper towel, you can spread bacteria from one surface to another.
Q: What types of surfaces can Clorox Commercial Solutions庐 Clorox庐 Disinfecting Wipes be used to clean?

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