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How exactly do you get infected?

how exactly do you get infected with the HIV/AIDS virus through a needle? let's say you got poked with a needle that had hiv blood stained on it or something.. or was used by an hiv infected person ; or does the needle need to be going directly into your bloodstream ? or a poke into a random part of the body will do ? O_O

It is not quite as simple as a that, but this has to be a general response, because there are many possibilities that can apply.

The virus must somehow enter the bloodstream to infect a person, and, while there is no question that it has happened, especially among medical staff and drug users, who have the highest risk of exposure, the chances of becoming infected from a superficial scratch are not high. With injection, such as sharing needles with an HIV-infected person for drug use, the opposite is true, as the chance of infection is very high.

Also, with injection, the virus has a better chance if it enters directly into a vein, but any part of the body will do.

For infection, several conditions must apply, the first being how active or virulent the particular strain of HIV happens to be.

Contrary to many opinions, the virus does not instantly die upon exposure to air, or even within minutes. While some parts of it may weaken or die, others will remain active and very capable of producing infection for hours or much longer.

Next is the quantity of the virus that happens to be present on the implement, and directly following that is the quantity of active virus that actually enters the body of the person who is scratched/stuck/injected.

There is no safe or tolerable amount: any of it is bad and there is always a risk.

Next comes the condition of the host, meaning the person who is poked with the needle. This remains largely an unknown, even today, as the immune systems in some people are known to tolerate the virus better than most, and their bodies may have a limited ability to ward off an infection, while a few people seem to have a natural immunity.

Apart from that, any given body will have its own natural changes and cycles, for many reasons, so the degree of susceptibility may vary from day to day, or week to week.

From this it may be seen that a person who receives only tiny amount of the virus in a superficial scratch may not become infected, provided that the strain is a weak one, and provided their specific body's immune system is operating at a high performance level. At another time the same person might even tolerate a larger quantity of the virus, while at the opposite end, a person who has a weak immune system and receives only the tiny amount may become infected.

From this it is seen that the quantity needed for infection is not known, and can vary, and along with that the degree of virulence in the particular strain will have its own effects.

The varying personal conditions in any given body may run through a great range, from sometimes seeing the body strong enough to ward off the virus, or only strong enough to delay the onset of infection, because the immune system is what is attacked by the HIV virus, while other people are wide open to it.

Habitual drug users are known to have weakened immune systems and tend to be among those who are most open to infection. Their drug use habits can dramatically increase the risks. Casual drug users often consider themselves to be at lower risk. They are always wrong.

If you believe you have been exposed, seek medical advice.


The poke to a random part of the body, most likely will leave you unaffected. Unless it hit a Vein, or was in the neck, you are most likely okay. So relax. It's also dependent upon how long the needle was under your skin for. Less than a minute? You're fine. 5 minutes or more? Well then you pay have a problem. But also, if the blood on the needle was dry, and old then you should be good. The white blood cells in your body and anti-body should destroy anything that trys to enter from a puncture woon as small as a needle. The Virus will also be weak from being out of the body for more than a few minutes, in a non-vaccumed area.

Yes you can get it that way and also hiv can live in dried blood for many days, so if you touch it and have a open area you can contract it that way too. Many health departments have information about HIV/Aids, go get some and read up on it.

It is not very transmissible, at least not as much as hepatitis B is. I knew a nurse that got stuck a couple times by a prisoner as an attack with an IV needle and by accident when an IV needle of a prisoner popped out of a prisoner and got her in the palm...she tested negative, but was wary.

This is a good question. I think that the way you become infected through a needle is if the blood is actually still in the syringe and you go to use the syringe. The fact is that you have to get through alive blood or body fluids. This is at least what my doctors have told me.

Any random part of your body has blood in it, therefore it is going into your bloodstream wherever you get stuck.

Any random part of you body. The needle does not have to go directly into a vein

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