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Why doesn't god answer the prayers of the millions of victims of the HIV virus?

Does he just answer the prayers of some people? In the bible jesus clearly says if we want something and pray for it, we shal receive it.

Or amputees? Why doesn't he grow their limbs back?

It's humans' fault.*

And God's not a genie.**

And you're taking that out of context.***

And God always answers prayers, but sometimes the answer's "no."****

Have I covered all the ol' standby's?

*Never mind that God supposedly made humans as his greatest creation, and that he's perfect - it's our fault he screwed up our design!

**Pretty much flatly contradicts that line that says he'll grant whatever you ask for, doesn't it?

***Which would argue that prayer doesn't work; the line that says it does is supposed to be sarcastic, or something. Kind of contradicts, well, anyone who prays, doesn't it?

****I would venture "always" in the case of ailments that medicine hasn't figured out a way to cure yet.

um .. hold up and rewind. theres a couple reasons:

1) they shouldnt be having pre-marital sex (most of the victims have pre-marital sex). in the bible it says you should wait until youre married. thats just what they get for being impatient.
2) He cant always give them what they want. that would just make them greedy and snobby, like a parent with a spoiled 7 year old. either we deserve what we ask for, or we dont.
3) everything happens for a reason. maybe religious 'karma' (yes it does exist in catholicism, but its not called karma). maybe just a punishment on earth. who knows. but whatever you do gets returned to you, and theyre just paying something they did wrong.

*the HIV virus caught through injections and stuff.. thats just unsanitary*

or what about the ppl in africa starving to death, or the orphans out there who don't have any parents to take care of them?

*if anyone actually says "it's part of his plan"--don't you realize how cruel it would be for an almighty god to make his children suffer just for the 'promise' of an afterlife?

Well the obvious answer is HIV is gods way of punishing gays.

I read in time magainze that the pope should be charged with crimes agaist humanity given his stance on contracpetiion and the rise of HIV in Africa.

Or maybe he is on break.. He hasnt done anything for the last 2000 years, he hasnt done anything about the starving children in Africa either.

The prayer is answered, typically the answer is no. You are misappropriating that verse. It does not mean that God will do whatever you ask of him regardless of circumstances, that would make man God's master. It means that whenever we ask for something in accordance with God's plan it will be granted.

What do you expect? He said wait until marriage to have sex. So you don't, or you marry somebody who didn't wait. Then you contract a virus that could have been prevented had the both of you listened to him. Are you expecting him just to jump in and make a cure so that people can go on disobeying him without any fear at all?
By the way, God will give you what you need exactly when you need it. That includes forgiving you, but not taking back the consequences of your actions.

Psalms 103:3 , God tells us not to forget his benefits. That he forgives our iniquities, and heals ALL of our diseases. Proverbs 4:20-22, tells us to give attention to God's word because it will be health to all their flesh.
All men or women who won't forget Gods benefits and give all their attention to his promises, they will be healed. Those who forget God heals, and gives all their attention to what the world spews out of its mouth, will die of whatever they have. God said that he sets before us, life and death, blessing and cursing, therefore ,you choose life.
Whether any man , especially those who read this, Will be responsible for whatever outcome they reach.

How do you know all these victims are praying? Or even believe in god? Even if someone else prays for them, they need to pray for themselves and change their attitudes. Meaning, believing that they will be healed. People say they pray and pretend they are good people, but god knows every heart.

Your sins are forgiven by the lord, but you still have to pay the price.

Why do you assume that the result of God "answering" a prayer is the same as the person praying getting exactly what they want? Sometimes the answer is no and sometimes the answer is yes. Just because God's answer doesn't match what WE want the answer to be, that in no way means He isn't answering. Every prayer is answered.
And how are we to know or understand why God answers prayers the way that he does.

Who says God has to answer their prayers? It's God's choice of who to heal and who not to heal. And in that quote about receiving what you ask for, Jesus said it to the disciples. It wasn't a general promise to everyone, it was a promise to a specific group of people in a specific period in time.

Some things are in the corporate hands of Mankind. When we as a whole can get our acts together, nothing shall be denied us. Meantime, there are things that we have to figure out ourselves as these are part of our training to become a new order of being. In short, no spoon-feeding from the Father.

I've also quote here...that "God is a healer.聽 He wants to heal.聽 All you have to do is ask."Well...and you have to belong to the "One True Church" (whatever the hell that means), you have to worship God in just the right way, and you have to have lots and lots of unquestioning, blind faith.

EDIT: Wow. Look at all the idiots who assume that everyone who has AIDS got it from sex, or homosexual sex. Ryan White (for example) didn't do anything to get it except be born to someone infected with HIV. So why was God killing Ryan?

HIV is very interesting subject to bring up, 99 percent of all people that got it broke one of the ten commandments to get it, now you ask why don't God heal people who have it, obviously if they hadn't broken one of the ten commandments they wouldn't have gotten it. Now, God does still heals, if you work around hospitals you will see it all the time, miracles happen everyday because our God is merciful and even though we sin He still forgives us if we ask and a lot of times heals us of deadly diseases, my day has polio, it could have killed him but it didn't, and that was 40 years ago and he hasn't been to the doc but once since, thats a miracle in itself. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ died on the cross for all our sins, for those of us who ask He will forgive us and make us new in our hearts again, its called being a born again Christian, and the Bible says its the only way to Heaven. We are all sinners, but Jesus has provided away to be forgiven, of course not all our problems come from sin, there are somethings we are born with just so we can show the world that we endure it for the glory of God, the Bible says you are blessed when you suffer persecution for His name sake, Blessed, the Bible says that when you are weak, then you are strong, in other words the weaker we are the more we depend up on God and bring HIm glory. When we have a problem, we can't blame God because we are sinners, born that way from birth, but we can ask God to help us, and His Bible promises that if we ask with a sincere heart He will, thank goodness for His mercy and grace.

well its apparent gods not real.
people are real,
and those good people do the healing
doctors sometimes lawyers. just anybody that helps anybody.

believe in ourselves is all it takes
right now scientists and researchers are trying to cure that.

so thank them not god.

I wonder who the first Christian fuddie to say "He doesn't because AIDS is a punishment from God for being queer," will be.

Let's find out.

As for my answer, I don't know.

Because they are "sinners" because deep down we are all "sinners" and therefore deserve no sympathy until we become oblivious to this theological conundrum, and thus we can ignore it.

He's apparently not too thrilled with amputees either.

most men get ignored cuz they arent born lost favor with God after so much sinning way back when....HE WILL RETURN IN TIME... HE MEANT FOR THOSE WHO HAVE ALOT OF FAITH AND HAVE REPENTED....

The answer is easy. There is no god to answer any prayers.

He doesn't exist...

because he have hearing problems!!!!! LOL!

because he is fake at least the way the bible portrays him

He did answer He said "monogamy" but no one is listening.

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