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Do i have HIV or im just having a panic attack?

i had protected sex with a girl which i only new for about 3 months and i fingered her and had a tiny injury and i forgot about that i had sex with her in the back seat of my car and we got really sweaty and after drove with the windows down then 2 days later i had a sever case of tonsillitis im not sure if this is a coincidence or HIV virus i also had a couple small pimples grow on my chest red without a white tip but im not sure if they were already or they came after i had sex... help =/

No you don't. Let us first consider the evidence, you had protected sex which is really in your favor for not getting infected. Then during the sex act you fingered the girl, a very neutral thing if you ask me. Oh yes you have a small injury where about on your body and when did you get it in respect to the sex. So unless the injury was on your finger (you know the one you used to finger her) you are not likely to get infected. And finally you have no proof that the girl actually has HIV in the first place. Young people have sex in the car all the time, and yes tonsillitis too. The clincher in this case is getting symptoms after only two days of having sex. Give me a break! Your imagination has run amok. Just calm yourself down, go into a celibate mode and then have yourself tested for HIV in 3 months time. My bet is that the test result will be negative, but I could be wrong. After all, these days people have small injury, finger girls and have sex in the cars all the time!

I think you're having a panic some more research on how HIV is transmitted then determine whether or not your fingers were enough to contract the virus. Ask yourself these important questions -- Does this girl have HIV? if you don't know ask, nothing wrong with it. So far I think you're just panicking. It is possible that because you were sweaty and all the cold air of the night irritated your throat, nothing unusual about that and the pimples on your chest could be microscopic ingrown hairs or something .... relax !

If you're really worried then get tested. I'm not sure if the HIV is mutating, I highly doubt you'd be noticing the onset of symptoms so soon. On wikipedia it's saying about 2-4 weeks for incubation.

Panic attack! If you are really nervous though you can do a rapid HIV test, results back in 20 minutes. Just look up locations online. But I think you have to wait 3 months before testing.

It can take some people years to get symptoms, I doubt yours would develop in 2 days. It's probably a coincidence. If you're worried, get tested.

if your not sure go to the doctors... but it may take a while for it to show up... so just get physicals regularly....

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