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Why does a patient have an immune deficiency if he or she is making antibodies?

Positive diagnosis of AIDS is made when a patient has antibodies against the human immunodeficiency virus HIV. why does a patient have an immune deficiency if he or she is making antibodies?

no no no no. Having antibodies for HIV does not mean you have AIDS. The HIV virus attacks Helper T cells in your immune system. You will start producing antibodies for the attack, as strong as your immune system is, it keeps the virus in check for 8-11 years. When your body starts losing the war, then it becomes a problem. At around this time when your Helper T cell count reaches 200 or less per ml of blood. Then you are given the diagnosis of AIDS. This is when you immune system is really impaired.

AIDS takes about 7 years to surface after initial infections. HIV is just the name of the virus. It takes years for it to dismantle your immune system. In that time, it attempts to fight it off and will be unsuccessful.

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