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Can I get HIV by sharing a drinking straw with someone who has HIV?

I'm frightened because I shared my drink with someone who I'm not sure has HIV. Is it possible that I have it? I washed the straw with water before I drank it, and there was also around a 20 minute interval between the time that the person drank from it and the time that I washed it 'cause I was paranoid. Would the HIV virus die in this time?

HIV is contracted blood to blood and through sexual intercourse. There would have had to be blood on the straw and an open wound in your mouth or on your lips, which I highly doubt. You cannot contract HIV through saliva unless you drank gallons and gallons of it, which nobody does. You're fine.

i'm not entirely sure :/
but my friend put his hand on a dirty heroin needle & he had to get a test for HIV & he doesn't get his results back until 3 months time.
& i was thirsty & he offered me his drink but i said now because of the HIV & he said that it takes 15 skips of saliva for the disease to be passed onto another person.
...i hope that this is correct, for your safety :)

You cannot get HIV from sharing a drinking straw!

But there are many things that you CAN get including the flu, mono, hepatitis, a nasty cold, mouth herpes, etc.etc...

So! You don't have to worry about HIV but sharing drinks or drinking straws is just a bad idea in general.

no, HIV dies upon contact with air. not to mention you cannot get it from saliva. Also if the other person doesn't have HIV then you really can't get it from them.


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