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As far as germs go, what does hydrogen peroxide kill?

When you put hydrogen peroxide on a wound to clean it, how much good does that do? What all does it kill in terms of bacteria, viruses (HIV?), fungus, and so on?

This is not my field. But, my understanding is that a 50/50 mixture of hydrogen preoxide and white vinegar will kill virtually all bacteria. Nobody has told me what "virtually" really means.

I think the combination may be a one-two punch - the peroxide may act as an oxidizer on all living bacteria, and the vinegar raises the ambient pH beyond the tolerance of most bacteria.

Viruses? dont know the effect of peroxide on viruses, sorry.

It does kill salmonella and other bacteria. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved hydrogen peroxide as a sanitizer.

it kills alot of the bacteria, viruses, fungi...but not all. thats why strains are becoming more deadly. those that survive become mutant strains.

alot of viruses...die when outside of their ideal conditions...such as HIV. It dies within seconds. viruses are often the ones that are the hardest to kill... u need to control them alot of the time, because theyre so hard to wipe out.

i think it kills mostly bacteria germs and it disinfects as well,thats why it foams up when you pour it on a wound,and if it stings it shows that its working.

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