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Going to Jail for infecting someone with HIV?

Can you go to jail if you had HIV but u didnt know and had unprotected sex with someone or ur wife and passed on the virus? Lets say a guy was married and he had a blood tranfusion or got HIV from a healthcare setting and he didnt know and then he had sex with his wife and he infected her, can she sue him?

If the person is not aware that he is an HIV carrier and unwillingly infects others he is not punishable by the criminal court.

no i dont think you can go 2 jail for that if you didnt know only if u did it deliberaterly

No..I'm sure the hospital could be sued tho...

In order for her to successfully sue him, she would have to prove that he had prior knowledge of his disease.

i dont think so no. sure if he had known about it he would of had files at his doctor or the hospital

Even if she sues him and is successful at it, he wouldn't go to jail. He might have to pay whatever money she sued for, but jail would not be part of the sentence. It would be a civil matter, not a criminal one.

Though if he didn't know about his being infected, she would probably lose. She would have to prove that he intentionally did this, and that means he would have to know. Both would probably have a case against the hospital, though.

You can be imprisoned for deliberately infecting someone with the disease, but not for unknowingly infecting them.

Your wife would not be suing you, she would be suing the heath care facility that infected you first.

If you have infected someone and are thinking of using the "contaminated blood transfusion" ploy, it won't work. Any facility handling blood transfusions long ago developed tests and procedures to prevent contamination.

If you had unprotected sex with an infected person, then infected someone else, you could be liable.

you can go to jail if you knowingly infected anyone with the HIV virus its a criminal offence, and i believe they can seek criminal injuries. but im not sure what would happen if you didn't know if you were infected. the source of your virus would have to be traced

If you genuinely didn't know (and you may have to take a lie detector test to prove it), then i dont think you can get into trouble.
YOU, however (or whoever has it) can sue the blood people, as the blood sould have been screened before it was passed onto anyone else.

But...if you did know, and willingly gave it to someelse, i think it can be classed as attempted murder....or grevious bodily harm...


Under the circumstances you've describe, there is no crime committed.


If your married both of U should be tested.

If you are single.

Make a list of the partners.

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