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Can you sue someone for knowingly giving you HIV?

I found out that I had HIV this year and I got the virus from my child's father. Luckily my child does not have it, However at the clinic that I go to I ran into his ex-wife who has had the virus for almost 11 years and afterwards found out that another one of his ex-girlfriends with whom he was cought cheating on me with has also had the virus for 2 years. "Coincidence" I think not. he has to have known that he had it. and we had talks about HIV before ever having sexual contact. Anyone that knows whether or not I can sue him please let me know.

Just for future readers. I am not looking for money I only want him to be put away so that he will not be able to do this to anyone else. I am now aware that there are 5 girls that he has done this to. Also the coversation that took place before we had sexual contact did not include him saying that he has HIV he claimed to not have had it. He still says that he does not have HIV. BUT Obviously that is not the case.

Im also in your shoes.And believe me my eyes ars full of tears because I know what you will be going through mentally and spiritually.Not worrying about your own health but whats to become of your child if you die.Wondering if you'll be here to see what kind of man he grows to be,will you live to see him marry and have kids,be there for him when hes an adult and needs someone to turn to for advice.that is the only thing about this that hurts me and I know it will be hard for you.Just trust in God.You can live a very long time.And as for the person comenting on how you should have thought about it before you had your son,Believe me once you are faced with death life becomes so precious.And if your in good health and the Dr thinks the kid will be ok then abortion is too hard how can you kill someone when you want to live.As for your man,you can contact the DA's office and he will be charged because he is spreading it to multiple people and he wont stop hes a danger to society and they willmake him pay.Stay strong.your son needs you.

Knowingly sharing HIV is considered to be manslaughter or murder, I believe. If you are seriously interested in persuing this man for money or to put him into jail, you need to get yourself a lawyer, and you need to prove without a doubt that he was the one who you contracted HIV from.

It is actually a crime to knowingly pass on a disease like HIV/AIDS. He can be arrested and charged with attempted murder. Quite a few men have been. Go to the police with all your information (including names and addresses of all his dates that you know of).

you can put his azzzzzzzzzzzzzzz in jail. what the hell is wrong with this world. if I got it I'll give it to everyone that's bull. I'm so sorry that you had to encounter something like this and to be wooed by this con. he con you for your life and your worth. I know some people may think this is the end but honey this is the beginning of living the best life you could live for you and your son. you need to get that man off the streets b4 he kill another persons soul. if you don't mind me asking what color is he, even though it doesn't matter but I would like to do a paper on African Americans guys living that down right nasty life and infecting all the women that ever loved them.

YES! you can. I hope you are getting good treatment.

See a good attorny who has some medical experience as well, such as med malpractice cases


Yes you can!!!!

yes you can that is like attempted murder, something like that.
if you can get his exwife to testify and maybe even the girlfriend i think youve got a good chance, i would worry more about him going to jail, i am shur you will get money out of the deal but goodness im sorry you have it.

its going to cost money for a lawyer you should know that by now but it is worth it for shur.

You should try filing charges at your police department. This man will continue to spread the virus if he is not stopped. Once you have turned this over to the authorities and are satisfied that they are taking your claims seriously, then you should put the incident and him behind you. Seek peace and tranquility for yourself and your child. You cannot change what has happened, but you can have a long and happy life being the best mom and person you can be. People with HIV can live many years before getting AIDS symptoms and even then many more years after that. Anger and resentment can be detrimental to your health.
Best wishes

yes you can and in fact its attempted murder if they can prove that he knowingly gave you HIV. I would definitely talk to a lawyer and good luck with everything...stay strong...addo

Yes! Press Charges, get him arrested, and get him off the streets! That is just heinous! He had to have known about his ex wife having it, and him not telling you about it is purely malicious and negligent on his part. You can sue his @$$ off. Go for it girl! Best of luck, and I hope you get very good treatments. Some people recently have been studied, because researchers have found out that you can live with HIV for years, and never have it progress to AIDS. I sincerely hope you are one of these fortunate people. And may he rot in hell.

I'm pretty sure that there is some kinda law against that. He will get sent to prison for some time.

yes you can also he can be put behind bars because that is illegal

It is against the law to kill someone. HIV/AIDS can kill you. It is against the law to have sex with someone that is not aware that you have HIV. I would check into the law in your state. If he is sharing his disease with multiple people, he needs to be stopped. If you and he talked about it before having sex, I think that eliminates you from suing him. He is not entirely to blame for giving HIV to you if you were knowledgeable about it. But he still needs to be stopped. And you need to have better choices of men. It sounds like he has been around a lot. Now there is a child involved. Thank God it does not have HIV. But who will raise it if you were to die of this? Just some of the things that you should have thought about before.

I am sure You can. No amount of money can make up for what he has done to you. But he should pay dearly for his x wife and the girl he cheated on with and yourself.something has to be done before he leaves more victems with H.I.V. He has cheated on his first wife ,What makes you think he won't do it again. You three girls stop him.

Actually, you can sue someone for any reason at all. Although, the words justifiable homicide come to mind when I read your question.
I believe in some states, this is actually a crime. I would investigate. I would also post his name and picture on websites such as "www.don't date him", etc. Hang his picture and info up in places like the laundromat, bar bathrooms, anywhere he might frequent.
This is just horrible, and I wish you all the luck in the world.

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