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From what source does human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) get its energy?

I have to research this virus for biology class and I've been completely unable to find information about this. This is a purely scientific question, from what source does the virus get its energy?

It gets energy from infected cells.

All viruses use the energy of the cell they have infected. A virus is only genetic material (RNA or DNA) and a protein coat. HIV also has reverse transcriptase, to turn its RNA into DNA. Everything else that a virus needs comes from the cell it infects.

All viruses use the cell's own energy to produce more viruses. Basically viruses are little bits of pure information that tell our cells what to do. AIDS, like was mentioned earlier, changes it's RNA to DNA, and our cells "speak" DNA. Once the new instructions have been given to the cell, all of our own machinery is used in the production of hundreds of new viruses. I tell my students to think of computer viruses. Many of them are very simple with just a few commands, but many of them can tell a computer to send copies of it to other computers, all by itself.

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