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How did freddie mercury contract the hiv virus?

How did freddie mercury contract the hiv virus?

I don't think he was an intravenous drug user, so I assume he fell on somebody's infected penis.

Yeah, that one's a real mystery.

that perv was a gay pedophile

from you

He had sex with an African gorilla.

don't know the answer shouldn't matter....he was one of a kind never will there be one with his talent.....

Most likely from a gay lover.

He was gay.

Freddie Mercury was gay. But take notice that not only gays are getting AIDS. The WORLD BANK is talking about a rapid increase OF HIV among risky behavior groups such as INJECTING DRUG USERS AND PROSTITUTES.

You don't get AIDS because you are gay, or promiscuous or drug user, but because you don'tt protect yourself.

Keep on practicing safe sex. You never know whom went to bed with whom.

About Mercury:

"Although he had a very close girlfriend named Mary Austin, Freddie Mercury was fairly open about his sexuality. In a March 12, 1974 interview for New Musical Express he told the interviewer: "I am as gay as a daffodil, my dear!" Although his relationship with Mary Austin eventually ended, the two remained very close friends, with Austin often fronting as his girlfriend for the press. While Mercury had previously been promiscuous, his last boyfriend, Jim Hutton, lived with him for the last six years of his life, cared for him when he was ill and was present with him at his bedside when he died.According to Hutton, Mercury referred to him as his husband and died wearing a wedding band that Hutton had given him".

He was gay.And I don't mean gay as in happy.The HIV virus is some sort of side effect of being gay I guess.

People, educate yourselves;

Freddy Mercury was not infected with the HIV virus because he was gay. He got it the same way anybody here might - by being uneducated where this disease is concerned.

AIDS is NOT a disease that affects gays only. that thinking is not only very wrong, it's very deadly.

He had a Hot Beef Injection to his rear end. Must have been bad beef.

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