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Can I spread the HIV virus when my viral load is undetectable?

Can I spread the HIV virus when my viral load is undetectable?

Yes. Please use protection and be careful, you could not only spread it, but also catch something else.



definitely. use a condom, inform your parnter(s)

I suspect yes. Undetectable viral load does not mean there is no virus in a person. It means that the amount is below the level of detection, although there is likely never going to be any HIV therapy that can kill every single HIV virus. This virus is a retrovirus, which means it replicates from utilizing our own genetic material.

You know, that's just not right that you care about getting off more than you care about spreading it around. Get a conscious and use a condom.

the chances of spreading it are low but you still can. you need to be using protection every time...

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  • How long can the HIV virus survive in a moist enviornment?

    Yes, because drying almost instantly kills it. But it's still not considered a big risk -- in general, if you aren't touching someone's actual bodily fluids, you are probably safe (...

  • Can you get the hiv virus from a mosquito if a person with that illness was stung?

    No. The virus does not survive inside a mosquito's body. Some mosquitoes do carry viruses though. For example, the Aedes Aegyptus (recognizable by its black and white striped legs) carries the...

  • Can we affected by hiv virus by doing oral sex?

    From my studies of the virus, it can be spread through oral sex. Any open sore in the mouth can transmit the virus as also a cavity. So yes, you could catch the virus through oral sex. Consult a do...

  • How long can the HIV virus live outside the body & survive ? As on an old Syringe ?

    The HIV virus cannot live outside of the body because it needs a Host (something to thrive off of to survive) cell.

  • Is it true the hiv virus can be destroyed when exposed to open air?

    true, it also can not live in bodily fluids, blood, or IV needles

  • How can I be an HIV virus researcher as a freshman?

    As a freshman you can't. You CAN intern at a medical research laboratory as a junior or senior.

  • Why did god make the HIV virus evolve so quickly?

    According to some viruses don't count as life though.

  • Does nonoxynol 9 kill the HIV virus?

    No. Recent data indicate that nonoxynol-9 does not reduce the risk of HIV transmission and in some circumstances may increase the risk.


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