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Can the Hiv virus remain remain alive in dried state?

Can the Hiv virus remain remain alive in dried state?

No- a virus and other bacteria need certain requirements to stay alive, so cannot stay alive outside the body for very long, and if blood is dry, it cannot survive.


No air kills all viruses

Viruses go into "stasis" outside hosts.....however the period of stasis changes in each virus.....I have never heard that someone contracted HIV from dried blood.....however, it may be possible....I'd advise you to ask a specialist on the subject.....AND STAY AWAY FROM OTHER PEOPLE'S BLOOD NO MATTER WHAT STATE IT IS IN.....

HIV is a virus (some argue it is a retrovirus), not a bacteria. A virus/retrovirus is just DNA/RNA encoding in a frame that allows propagation by infecting other cells It's not alive to start with.

When a virus goes dormant, it usually encapsulates itself in a sort of shell to survive environmental extremes. Because it is not it's a separate living organism, a virus can survive much more than a bacterium. However, most retrovirues are more fragile, being only RNA with the carrier frame.

Medical studies have varied in proving whether HIV can remain viable/infectious outside the body, in a dormant state. Some studies show it is more virus-like, and can remain for up to a week. Others show it is more retrovirus-like, and can remain for at most minutes outside living cells. Inside intact living cells, however, there is no time limit, even if those cells are outside the body (like extracted blood).

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