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Mean how long does the HIV Virus remains in the needle if it has gone through a infected person??

I mean how long does the HIV Virus remains in the needle if it has gone through a infected person?? AND HOW EARLY ONE HAS TO BE INJECTED BY A INFECTED NEEDLE FOR THE HIV TO PASS ??

It completely depends on the amount of HIV, the amount of fluid it is carried in, and where it is.

HIV is very easy to kill outside of the body. If you are talking about a drop of blood...any HIV in it will be rendered non-infectious very quickly. If you are talking about a pool of blood it will take longer.

Inside of a syringe HIV could theoretically stay infectious longer as there is limited exposure to air and the blood will take longer to "dry out".

You can't really answer this question as there is too much variation, and a lot of people have misunderstood the whole "exposure to air will kill HIV" as meaning that HIV is killed instantly outside of the body and that is incorrect.

It completely depends on the ambient temperature, the amount of fluid (which HIV is contained in ie. blood, semen, vaginal fluids, or breastmilk), etc.,.

Hope this helps

ps. needle stick injuries have a transmission/infection rate of about 0.3%

As I recall from my pre-med classes viruses can encapsulate themselves if they are in a hostile environment and go into a kind of hibernation. I recall reading that researchers have found viruses in dry ground that could be reactivated.
I do know that if a grave yard is being relocated the people doing the job wear hazmat suits to prevent contacting viruses from graves over 100 years old and some researchers found samples of the Spanish Influenza virus in graves from WWI.

So to answer your first question, forever.

Second answer is you could potentially be infected any time after the needle is used by an HIV+ person.

why dont u touch the needle and find out

Normally Viruses are innactive outside the body. It will appear as if it is dead. Once it enters the body it becomes active at once and undergo multiplication. Hence it remains in needle untill it is sterilized complitely.

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