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What do you think will happen in the future? what will happen when all human beings vanish or will we?

serious question, and serious answers please.

kay well I've always had dreams when i was small, about the end of the world, and stuff, btw I'm 14.
any ways,what would happen if the end of the world came.
how "would" it be the "end" what would happen that will make it the end. I mean, like everyday a bunch of women's are getting pregnant and giving birth, the earth isn't getting in bigger. What would happen if it got crowded? what if at the end all the money we owe to china we never pay them and they take over the united states? what kind of gad-jets will we have in the next 19-20 years from now?

also, I've noticed doctors don't really care about their patients no more just the money to go out, buy fancy stuff and live in a great house. A lot of the older people you know how they get pains in their foot,ankles and what not, the doctors prescribe them to medicine that supposedly make them feel "better" but when it really doesn't slowly making them die. I mean really where's the good people out their.

also, the cures! cures to HIV,aid,cancer! all that stuff that theirs no cure for, I believe that their is a cure and all those scientist or president or what ever have that cure but aren't giving it to us, cause they want us to die, loose people for more space. also,abusing it people having sex then getting the disease and get the cure, then have sex. Having a pattern.

what would happen if all human beings died, disappear out of no were?
what would go on earth?
what would happen?

opinions, not answers.
like what do you think?

hi...interesting topic you got know i have been thinking about that too,and i've had made my own idea of the's only my imagination,so don't take it opinion is,at the end of it all, all people will disappear through accidents or sickness that will hit us all at this "dying time".When all living things are gone,the world will like change and it will go back to the start.It will undergo the ice age,stone age,metal age,middle age,until it reaches to the computer age and reaches it's end again.and it will continue and continue.thus it never ends the earth,it just ends all of the events and renews it again

okay so this is only my opinion,(i think you were asking an opinion)anyway nice to meet you here

it's kinda impossible but well, it's only an opinion

i think if it were ever to be "the end of the world", the world would have to blow up. I know there is some talk about the sun blowing up, in about a billion years or so... but i highly doubt we have anything to worry about now.

well if we died then we wouldnt know, but the animal would take over and continue to evolve. btw why am i dead and not the animals. Just like the earth always did when someone or something important died it changed and continue to grow.

when the end is near, God wil come down and start the relalation i think it is called...its one of the last books of the bible and re should really read it.

Isn't there a "stupidity" section for people like you to ask questions?

I think that'll be my next question... "Where is the stupid section?"

There was a really cool show on the History channel, it was called "Life after people." You should have a look.

Yes we will vanish.
Nothing will go on.
What will happen? answer:collapsar-----again.

Only GOD knows, there's really no way to answer that question.

IF "IF" was a FIFTH we would all be drunk. Who knows how we even got here in the first place honestly.

first of all it depends whether or not you look at it religiously. there are no cures for aids or cancer at the moment, and you would understand this if you understood why. aids id always changing, and cancer is not a virus or bacteria, it is more of a condition w/ gene mutation. Also, as in any population, if overpopulation occurs, the competiton for resources will increase, and many people will die, but it most likely wont lead to extinction. if all people, and other mammals were killed somehow, (i cant thing of something causing only the death of people except a massive epidemic worldwide) evolution would begin again with the existing species, and a new form of human, or intelligent form of life would arise

now there's a real happy thought, but seriously typing i find the only possible way that all humans would die and all living things gone is if the devil somehow gets loose on earth, (which is pretty damn unlikely) and kills everything, China i doubt'll want to start a war. if everything died wow, i dont even want to think what would happen next, uhh god would do something crazy kill the devil or something and he'd make a new race of inhabitants

generally if you want to know what will happen in the future you can get a good idea about what happened in the past. many human societies were destroyed and abandonned because of over consumption. like angkor, mayan cities, axtec ones, great civilizations, lots of technology.

the roman empire was very similar to our society. the thing is many things could happen, there are lots of options, and if you look through history you will find many options. you will notice that humans have always remained the same, you will notice that they seem different today then history, that is because just like every period of history before us, we must be under that illusion in order for it to work.

if you learn about history you will learn about the human race, what we were what we are, and what we will become.

Theoretically, the future is every single day as from now on. The future in 20 to 30 years will depend on what we do on this planet. Do we make it uninhabitable for the future generations? Do we pollute the atmosphere enough so it causes poisoning of water, animal life and the air? So many things we need to think about when we move through these 20/30 years.

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