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Are we all prejudiced?

"Working with the Living Library you realize that everybody has prejudices. We don't believe that there is a single person on the planet that can truly say they are free of prejudice. Because making up our minds about something is our basic way of navigation through our world and daily life." Prejudice is unfavorable or favorable feelings formed w/o knowledge, thought or reason. The overweight? Gays and lesbians? age? the homeless and poor? immigrants? welfare recipients (most are white I just learned)? politicians? religious groups (are they all alike?) HIV infected? Hispanics, blacks or whites? and the list goes on. I believe we all are prejudiced. In elections, let strive to get the facts and decide based on documented information not rumor, fear or innuendo.

Source:,, US Census Bureau (Department of Commerce)

Yes, we all have prejudices. We have to as human beings in order to navigate our daily life, such as if the car in front of you is swerving, the driver may be dangerous to be behind. Do you mean are we all a bunch of bigots? No, that's a choice we conscious people make when we mature. Who wants to pre-judge a person from their appearance, unless they are just not self-aware? Really, it seems so simple to look at life through kind and loving eyes. Funny that some people still mistake that for being naive or stupid. The other day I was walking through Wal-Mart and some guy was singing in a voice barely loud enough to decipher, but just loud enough to hear when he is next to you. He was making racial or bigoted comments about everyone he was passing with his cart. I ignored him, and he sang that I looked like I used to be a crack ho. Racial bigotry and insecurity has no color or definitive limit. It's all about healing your hurts and moving on. All of everyone/everything that a person encounters is not the same as the last one you ran into. It really is a broader life when looked at this way.

Everyone is guilty of some sort of prejudice. If you hate fast food, you're prejudiced. If you hate morons, you're prejudiced. There is always something that you aren't going to like and try your hardest to avoid. For me, people are people no matter what their skin color is, their sexual orientation, their politics. I don't like some people, but it is never because of what they believe in, their sexual orientation, their religion, or the color of their skin. It isn't logical to make snap judgments about people. Live and let live.

Our Life Experiences give us prejudices. some people are prejudiced against Fords and only drive Chevy's others LIVE in Ford country. I think Air force is filled with weenies but I'm an Army man , hence the prejudices. To say we don't make Judgments based on past experiences is a lie and foolish. So i guess I agree with you. Dont judge a book by its cover, thumb thru it, read a few pages before you decide.

Yes. I think it is true. The song, "Everyone's A Little Bit Racist" from Avenue Q sums it up best for me:

Everyone's a little bit racist
Doesn't mean we go
Around committing hate crimes.
Look around and you will find
No one's really color blind.
Maybe it's a fact
We all should face
Everyone makes judgments
Based on race.

well I'm a living witness
I am the worst Americans nightmare
I'm a legal immigrant naturalized US citizen
and it doesn't matter what I'm doing to do
for many Americans I'm a threat ...

because for them I come here to take aways
their job their girlfriends etc etc etc

Of course. It's human nature to think that you and types like you are superior and to fear what you don't understand.

Yes. People who try to be snobbish about not being prejudice are prejudice to people who are somewhat prejudice.

Well, it's true. we all have prejudic[es,] but the ones that attempt to CONTROL and PREVENT it, are the ones who aren't prejudic[e.]

yes everyone is prejudice in some way because we all have opinions and we are all human even if you think you are;nt you have to think twice

I agree wholeheartedly!

somemore than others.
For the most part--Id say yes...sadly.

in some sort, sadly, yeah

Yes we are

no ****

Yes, I think everyone harbors prejudices of one sort or another. I believe it is a basic survival mechanism. In potentially threatening situations, we haven't the time to gather facts & consider them dispassionately.

If I hear a loud muffler roar behind me on the highway, I presume it is a cyclist to whom I need to grant additional berth. When I look up & see an 18 wheeler throttling down, I've the same reaction but I might speed up instead of slowing down to let the vehicle pass.

I've found that women are better qualified than men when both are in the saem position; that women in management often don't know how to manage; that education is no guarantee of skill (or wisdom); that popularity is no indicator of truth or correctness. These are all prejudices which I have acquired & they have worked for me.

Now, in my entire life I've been attacked equally by whites & blacks; and gays & straights. So far the only prejudice I've been able to formulate is don't trust anyone coming up behind you; & don't trust anyone with an inexplicable grin.

Color skin means NOTHING to me. However, I am not that comfortable with gays and lesbians, of course I don't want to change who they are, but it seems awkward to me. Of course I believe in my religion, but I don't really make a big deal of other religions. Most of of my friends are Jewish but I have nothing wrong with it. Not once have we fought about religion. However, If some people are overweight it gives me the impression that they are lazy and they are not trying to loose the weight. I am usually very sorry for people with no money, but if they drove themselves into their problems I'm am usually not that sympathetic. I agree with you, everyone is prejudiced, but some people don't really mean to judge but everyone has a little in them. Sometimes it just comes out. For instance i don't care about black or white skin. People who don't like Black people are like saying they don't like you because you have brown hair. With all the hatred in the world right now it's hard not to get angry.

I know I am. I'll never vote for a Black...NEVER

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