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If you touched a person infected with HIV/aids, is there a possibility to get infected?

I know, some sources said that HIV/aids doesnt live on the skin but just feeling paranoid about it as recently i know this person who is infected when she just flicked her hair which accidentally gilded across my neck. -.-
is it possible to get transmitted if u shared a drink together, or accidentally touched a person who is infected and use your hands to eat thereafter?

i think i had a slight rash around my neck area or smth. or an ant bite or smth that sort.

and was wondering, although shes infected but it was just her hair that touched me. shouldnt be a problem?

the disease/cells or whatever doesnt exists on the skin and hair cells right?

oh ya, i did touch my pimple which had burst after that. -.-

No you cannot get HIV from touching someone. Your bodily fluid have to come in contact with the other persons.

You already asked this question and no, you cannot get HIV in any of the ways that you are mentioning here. You cannot get HIV if an infected person's hair brushed your neck whilst you had a rash. You cannot be infected if you touched the person and then popped a pimple. If we could get HIV in any of those ways, we'd all be infected.

No, you can't get HIV/AIDS just by touching someone. Even kissing and sharing utensils, more often than not, doesn't spread the disease. Transferring blood (by sharing needles or dirty transfusions) or genital to genital contact (through vaginal or anal sex) does spread the disease. Relax, you have nothing to fear.

ewww I doubt you have it. Your safe, if your supper paranoid go take an HIV test. =]] Why would you touch someone with it? you can only get it if you got his blood on an open cutt or soar of yours...

Unless you came into contact with infected blood or body fluids, you are not going to get HIV.

no no no no no herpes and hpv is from skin to skin contact not hiv google ask a doctor get more educated about this so you wont be so paranoid ok

Don't be a retard. Of course you have the hiv now.

Did you touch their guppy whole with your wrinkle stick?

HIV is transmitted via blood or an exchange of body fluids. This occurs in blood transfusions, sharing of needles (such as with heroin users), or sexual intercourse with an infected partner. Some cases of HIV have also been transmitted by the accidental sticking of a needle that has been used on an HIV patient. There has been a rare occurrence of HIV being transmitted in saliva but that has been a very very low rate of transmittance.

By the sounds of your story, I don't believe that you have contracted HIV. HIV does not live in the skin or hair because the topmost layer of skin and hair itself are composed of dead cells. The virus lives inside the body, not outside.And simply by touching someone with HIV will transmit the virus.

Using your hands to eat without washing them is more likely to cause transmission of a cold or flu rather than HIV.

Also with your pimple, you should be fine.

If you are still extremely worried, go and get tested at an HIV center or look one up online by typing in HIV testing, (your zipcode) in Google.

Hope this helped!

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